Why It's No Surprise that Gunnar Gundy Starts the Season as Spencer Sanders' Backup

Originally published at: Why It's No Surprise that Gunnar Gundy Starts the Season as Spencer Sanders' Backup | Pistols Firing

Mike Gundy has always valued experience.

Yea he hasnt given him any extra

If gundy values experience over talent than now we no why this man has 1 championship in 18 years. Wonder if gundy ever sits in bed and ask himself why do I have only one championship in 18 years? Is there anything I can do differently in my philosophy that will help me? No!!! This dude has no faith in the brand osu! This man believes that 9 win seasons is as good as we should expect and that’s the truth.


It’s not just him. Michael, Robert, and Yo are also in that group.

You do too. Your a fan of matts and thats his max. Leach is lucky to see 9 wins in 1 season


Did they have a billionaire alum to help them out?

I don’t know if you have seen these articles that list all of the coaches in college from best to worst but gundy is in tier 4. Leach was in tier 3 and so on. The media has no respect for gundy man. 8, 9 win seasons get you absolutely no respect. Sad

And this mullet tries to feed you that this is as good as you can expect at osu. Why follow this guy?

The more 8, 9 win seasons the mullet gets….the further he gets from respect he gets until he retires.

Yes i saw that and laughed its funny espn has gundy on all the time. Ive seen other rankings and leach is not to be seen. Im glad your sticking up for non division winning leach. He has 2 10 win season no totles and no big6 bowls. But yea great coach

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He’s a good coach like gundy but if you don’t have championships then your an afterthought. Gundy has the team this year to just that like he did last year. Do you think he will do it this year?

Sure why not. Barring injuries. We can.

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Can? Yes we can and should.

You guys really act elitist. Should.

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I believe we were better than Baylor last year but came up short. How many times do we come up short here? My question is how serious is this new administration? When will osu get serious about championships is my question.


Sad thing is that as long as gundy fills the seats and makes osu money then money trumps championships. Sad

Your blaming they new administration. They have only 1 season and it was a top 10 team. See this is why we call you yahoos the 3 stooges.

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Been here and seen that? Hope you right and they are different. Time will tell but the question is how much time should they give till we say what I said?

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Ready for football tho.

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What does it make a guy who critiques retarded post?
At least my first post was about the article, was yours?