Why NIL Legislation and a New Era Could Benefit OSU (and Schools Like it)

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OSU is ahead of the curve, once again.

Interesting article. However, as well positioned as OSU is right now, I see larger markets having a much better ability to draw more athletes. Wouldn’t a player signing with USC have a much bigger advantage over a school with a smaller population base?
This could become very interesting how large market schools could become more powerful.
USC, UCLA, Houston, Dallas-Ft Worth(TCU), Miami, etc. Sure Alabama football and Kentucky basketball keep rolling but this could change perspective in other markets.


Yeah I agree it’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out. Going to turn into what ever schools doners want to pay the most I’d say.

Exactly, and if there are more businesses in LA then OK or Manhattan KS or Ames it could become an issue.

As well, what if big donors pay for NIL for players and donate to the school less…

Probably 3 things significant impact areas:

  1. Boosters can now legally pay Student Athletes in the guise of branding payments (This applies to all schools where the states have legalised)
  2. Larger market schools certainly will have an advantage in the long term
  3. Big schools may not be able to hog all of the big talent. As indicated in the article if you are a 5 star talent, would you go to a place with bunch of other 5 star talent and have to share whatever the pot available or go to a lessor school and be the big dog and get paid more and may even have a lasting legacy of branding as the lessor school may not have a long list of super stars that played for them. This has the potential to even the playing field a little bit subject to the point 2 above where that “pot” may be bigger at large market schools.

There is a short to medium term opportunity for OSU to really take advantage and bring in big talent based on point 3 above. That will help elevate the program that will continue to attract talent. Even if the large market schools eventually win out, if OSU can enhance its brand in the short to medium term, it may be able to compete more effectively in the long term.


Yes it will be like the 80’s but open and above board

I always say be careful of unintended consequences…not sure what they are yet but they are coming.

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