Why OSU Will Beat OU on Saturday in Bedlam 2020

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Five reasons why the Pokes > Sooners in 2020

Most important note:

Jake Springfield and Tylan Wallace could be back.

We NEED those guys desperately.

I’m hoping it’s more of a WILL be back as opposed to MAY be back.

I don’t understand why Tylan wouldn’t. They said he was good to go if needed VS KSU and they decided to keep him out as precaution. They eventually put him in to seal the deal on the onside kick. I don’t see how he could be ready to go if needed two weeks ago, but not ready to go now. I just think it’s a classic case of Gundy holding injuries as close to the chest as possible. I have absolutely no idea what’s wrong with KHP, I thought it was a concussion. Apparently not.

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So when exactly is the HC of OSU football ever going to be held accountable for Bedlam losses then?

Close or not in the end he lost and the result is still a 2-13 record against them. Do we continue to give pay raises for 3rd place or lower, and consistent losses in Bedlam?

Weird how some coaches in this league haven’t even been here 5 seasons yet, but they’ve found ways to beat OU just as many times as Gundy has in 15 seasons.

This is exactly the attitude that keeps Bedlam losses coming. The excuse of “Well…he almost did it!!!” And then people wonder why he’s 2-13 against OU instead of 5-9.


I think Jake Springfield and Tylan Wallace are the most important 2 players we need back.

Jake Springfield because the OL really didn’t look bad at all against ISU, WVU, and Texas when he was healthy. It also allows Josh Sills to move back to his natural position, so it affects more than just Springfield’s position on the OL.

Tylan Wallace for obvious reasons.

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You are saying 5-9 is acceptable? Let me put it this way, if you are unhappy with the way Gundy is performing as the HC, then might I suggest you do the one thing in your power and boycott… A lot of those losses you really can’t hang on him personally. Well unless you think Gundy just doesn’t want to win. Makes about as much sense… Go Pokes!!

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I agree. I would say KHP being out isn’t too much of an issue against anyone else, because the defense is so deep. But for this game specifically, we really need him. The CBs and Safeties are going to be tested over and over and over Saturday, and ou loves to throw the ball deep. KHP is our best deep coverage player. Also, we need as many guys as possible out there who can guard 1-on-1 because Lincoln Riley is quite possibly the greatest offensive play caller in the history of college football when it comes to exploiting mismatches. It’s like he knows exactly who will be double covered, and therefore exactly who will be left wide open, and it works 99% of the time. If you have guys across the field who can all stay in coverage 1-on-1, you spread your defense out and the mismatches start to shrink for OU’s offense.

I’ve talked about this before. There’s 3 bedlam games really that I directly place the blame completely on Gundy.

2009 was on him, no excuse for getting shut out against a 6-4 team.
2013 was on him more than any other bedlam game we have lost. He coached a terrible game that day. We had zero business blowing that game.
2016 was partially on him, I feel like OU was still the better team but Gundy made things worse by playing maybe his most conservative bedlam game of any he’s coached in.
2019 was similar, he called a super conservative game but OU had a pretty big talent advantage with Sanders and Tylan out.

The rest of them, either he called a very aggressive and unfortunately OU just made a few more plays than us (2008, 2010, 2017, 2018) or OU was just flat out miles ahead of us talent wise. And I know some will respond to this with a bunch of Gundy hate and say that all wins and losses fall on the coach, so yes he is responsible for every bedlam loss he’s had, and I understand that. I just mean that those are the three games where he didn’t even have the team in position to win from the jump, which is 110% on him.

If not now, when? '21, not a chance.

Yeah!!! I do think 5-9 is acceptable. I understand it’s OU ( a blue blood ) and when you are in the starting position that OSU was in Bedlam victories were going to be few and far between.

However, if you consider OSU to be a top 15 program currently like some of you suggest (and really the ending ranking in Gundy’s tenure doesn’t reflect this). Then OSU should at the minimum be 5-9 against OU. That’s one win every three seasons. Is that really too much to ask?

And really, if we are going to be technical about this. OU is winning bedlam in 2014 if he doesn’t punt again to Hill. However, I’m going to give that credit to Gundy considering he was there and his team did kick the game winning FG. So do I expect at least two wins against OU in the last eight seasons? Yeah!!! Yes I do!!! A top 15 program should be able to get at least a couple of victories in 8 years against OU.

I agree with all of this. Just to play devil’s advocate though to be fair, the phrase “OU would have won if” only applies to one game. If we’re doing that, OSU has about 5 bedlam’s that would have been won if one or two plays went their way instead of OU’s.

Gundy will never be held accountable for it. The University makes a lot of money from Gundy being “pretty good” and winning ~9 games a year. We’re competitive, consistently in the Top 25, and get on national TV a good amount. Gundy is a good endorsement of the school and has built a fairly good culture here. He’s more or less untouchable.

I would love to be 5-9 against OU (which is still not a great record), but if it means sacrificing those other things, then it’s not gonna happen. We’re stuck with him for better or worse. It’s not like only Gundy has an OU problem though, it’s everybody. Other than Texas, our record against OU is about the same as anybody else’s. Source: http://www.winsipedia.com/oklahoma

They say, “Wish in one hand, sh_t in the other and see which one gets full, first.”
We tend to do a lot of empty handed wishing, in Stillwater. Then, we always watch the pre-season projections get flushed, while our rankings continue to decline, as the tremendously blind fire their pistols about going to another po dunk bowl.
Of course our battle cry is, “WAIT 'TIL NEXT YEAR!”


K State and Texas Tech both have 4 wins in the last 16 years.

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OSU will win if:

  1. Gundy stays home in Stillwater

  2. Tom Brady flies to Stillwater and puts on Spencer Sander’s uniform Saturday

  3. Bryce Bray and Jacob Farrell start for the OL without anyone noticing

  4. The defense gets about three pick sixes

  5. We return every kickoff and punt to the red zone

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He’s been here 15 seasons and he’s finished in the top 25 six times. That’s roughly once every three years. So you consider that being consistent?

What is your definition of consistent?

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Winning to Gundy simply means, he retains his job and receives nice bonuses, for being just above mediocre. And he’s played the OK State Board like a fiddle, with his illegitimate job interviews.
Immediately after 2017 Bedlam and losing by 10? Gundy told the Press what a “fun” game that was. Since when is losing fun?
All Gundy actually cares about is job security, money and the mid-life crisis he and his half-assed mullet have been going through, the past few years.

Has anyone else noticed how bad Chuba’s vision has been this year? He has left a lot of yards on the table from simply not following his blocker and trying to make a cut-back. He has slipped and fallen several times. I dunno… I feel that he’s genuinely in a sophmore slump. In watching the Texas and K-state games I feel his vision was terrible. The announcers kept making excuses for him, but the reality is I think he just hasn’t been showing as much patience and making as good of decisions as he used to. I hate to say it, but I’ve also noticed when the camera focuses on his face after a play, he more often than not seems very pouty. I’m seeing a lot of frustration from him this year. It’s only natural since things haven’t gone as he planned, but it certainly doesn’t instill any confidence.

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And there you have it.
OK State fans brag about being in the top 25.
Sooners consider they’ve failed, if they don’t at least win the Conference Championship.

The stats that I just can’t get past are the discrepancies in offense. There is a huge differential in production between OSU and OU. Yes, our defense is great. I’m convinced the D can hold them below their average. But that would STILL require our O to play lights out in order to win. - I’m just not seeing it.