Why OSU Will Beat OU on Saturday in Bedlam 2020

Bubba Hubba isn’t giving his all. He’s still got his panty waisted sphincter in a knot, over Gundy’s T-Shirt.
His vision is fine. All he can see is Gundy in those OAN colors. Bless his heart.

Mike Gundy plays not to lose, all the time. Thats why we lose games like Texas and have nearly lost every game this season besides Kansas. If OU had our team they would be dominating the Big 12. We have the best WR and RB in the country AGAIN. Yet, here we are not even in talks for the playoff. Lincoln Riley has more Bedlam wins than Gundy’s entire career at OSU. That’s nearly 20 years! Yurcich took a lot of the heat the last few years and its obvious he wasn’t the problem when we played Texas. We got the same 10 bs plays. Gundy has got to go. He’s taken this program as far as it will go


When you try to get the coach fired, and get him to bend to your will, and you fail I would probably be frustrated for a long period of time as well.

Yes I’m sure that’s it. Spot on assessment. You must work for Pro Football Focus. :face_with_monocle:

OU played the worst teams in the Big 12 the last 3 weeks. That has made them look really good and scary. If our defense is healthy, they could potentially put the brakes on the OU offense and can keep them at or below 30 points. The trick is for our O to get 30 plus points. That will only come from being aggressive on offense and perhaps with some help from the defense with a score of their own.

Here is the difference:

OSU 16 touchdowns and OU 40 touchdowns

  • When Riley gets to the red zone he finds ways to score touchdowns

  • When Gundy gets to the red zone he sets the kicker up for a field goal

One team likes to score 7 points on offense while the other likes to score 3 points on offense.

I don’t care how good a team’s defense is though. You aren’t going to win very many football games kicking field goals against a program like OU. This isn’t the 2009 OU football team. This OU team has the capability of actually scoring when needed.


A mild flashback to 2017, when Rudolph was a cinch to win the Heisman, we were going to beat the Sooners TWICE, on our way to the Conference Championship and we were going to contend for the National Title.
What happened? Gundy told the Chicago Press, that the team was “so good, it didn’t need a coach”. Then, he proceeded to allow his mid-life crisis to consume him, while he took his chicken chest and weak mullet, on tour.
And what were the final results?

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OSU offense has scored over 30 twice this season. Texas and Kansas were those teams.

Two games out of the six so far. The OSU offense is what it is this season and it’s not going to change before Bedlam.

16 against Tulsa

20 against WV

13 against K State

24 against Iowa State

That’s 18.2 points per game against these four teams. Three of those four games were with Chuba and Wallace. I doubt it’s going to change much.


Sounds about right. 6 field goals.


Well let’s just call it in u gurls have called it. Rattler for 2024 president. Ou has only beat 1 of the top 6 teams in the big 12 and it took how many over times. Osu defense is stay in place rattler will not finish the game. He was crying after playing ku. Shane had better #'s against ku.

All those r wins

If you think OSU is going to beat OU by scoring 18 points then you have more faith in this football team than Mike Gundy does. Not one team this season has beaten OU by scoring less than 20 points. I doubt it starts Saturday either.

I wouldn’t think osu could score 18 against ou. In the 1st qrt. I know ur an ou troll who has scored 18 against ou. There score like its ur sisters 18 birthday all night long

The teams that did beat OU scored 37 and 38 points. So essentially what your saying is if OSU doesn’t score over 28 you think OSU will lose? Considering we’ve only done that twice this season (even with a healthy Hubbard and Wallace) I doubt we see it Saturday.

Did actually say anything did u

I’m not an OU troll for the millionth time. I want a coach that knows how to win Bedlam games, and Gundy has proven to me and others over and over again he can’t do it. Are we really asking too much when our current coach is 2-13 against the in-state rival?

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We’ve never played ou defense this yr

Bal bal bal I’m not I’m not I’m not a loser ou u troll I just love ou so much I know all there stat. And praise there players and coaches. Only wish riley would take me to prom get real joe grow a back bone.

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Ur really going to type more

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I only wish Gundy would be more like Riley and actually put forth some kind of effort to win Bedlam. Hell even Riley thinks Bedlam is more important than Gundy, and he’s been the one winning it while at OU. Of course if I were 2-13 I would probably tell the media that I also “treat it like any other game”.

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