Why Spencer Sanders' Turnover Issues Should Improve in 2021

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"If he takes care of the ball in the pocket, he’s automatically a better player.”

This article is just a revisiting of old ones. That said it’s the most important subject we have to winning.

“Quarterbacks in our offense, sometimes they’re going to throw interceptions because we’re very aggressive,”

No……they are going to throw interceptions because you refuse to run anything different on the field and the defense figures it out. Start by throwing over the middle a few times and see what happens.

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Agree: Gundy has to trust Sanders to be able to see the linebacker and throw down the middle. Cooper or Stewart Style or maybe even the transfer juco tight end.

We will find out in a month.
If things go good and Sanders is out after 4 or 5 series.
He throws more slants then bubble screens.
Then we can say gundy trust Sanders.
But if any of u really would have called pass over the middle ur either lying or on drugs.
I hope they r not giving us hype.

They give us hype every single season. It’s panned out one time. (2011).

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Sure I guess but I was refer to Sanders being ready last year.

Why are you the only one on here that doesn’t see the problem, but everyone else does?

Joey I feel sorry for anyone who has an opinion that falls in line with u. They should take as a hint their wrong. When u could honestly give a real evaluation of anything, pigs will fly.
Sanders has had plenty of bone head plays nothing to do without gundy.

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I know u and ar0 have problems with facts and math, so I checked it out
Wallace had 59 catch out of 207 competition
And stoner it’s just a tad over 50%.

Robert sees only what he chooses to. He sees 15 straight bowl games. He sees a bunch of over .500 seasons. He sees what he thinks is “the bigger picture.”

What he doesn’t see, or rather refuses to admit, are the minute details that separate champions from not-quite-enough-to-be-champions. He doesn’t see that Gundy is too heavily involved in the offense. He doesn’t see that hiring a special teams coordinator is just as important as an OC or DC. He doesn’t see that punting in Norman w/ 12 minutes to play is surrender. That mindset is the same one Corndog had when he said, “My goal is to lead us to a bowl.” Complacency from the top guy leads to 3rd or 4th in the conference on a routine basis. The “15-game QB theory”. The refusal to use Cowboybacks as they were originally intended. Not attacking the middle of the field. Not giving Spencer his four free games. Refusing to turn Presley loose until a meaningless bowl game vs the U. All of it ties together to create what Robert won’t admit: a program that will never truly honor Boone’s commitment under Gundy’s leadership.


They throw interceptions because they are careless with the ball and they throw 50 50 bombs down the field 90% of the throws mr. Gundy

Players inherit their coaches attitude

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That is a bunch of bs. U have to be on drug if u think Sanders would be effective threw in the middle the first to years.
U guys give to much credit. Why can Sanders back ups win have less turnovers and have better red zone td %.
Hey I understand u gurls some reason think we r better then the rest of the conference every year. But be realistic. Sanders is a dual athletic qb rite. Why in 20 games has he not had more running td then corndog did in 13. Corndogs longest run was 66 yards what’s Sanders. Sanders has averaged the same rushing yards per year as corndog. Dnt even get me started on the passing of sanders

Thats funny they also throw the bubble screen 50% of the time. Were get more out of the passing game then I thought.

Yes sir.

Sanders has to get better at his reads. Too often he zeros in one target and forces the ball to him without ever working through his progressions. We can discuss Gundys ability as a play caller which is worthwhile discussion but until Sanders can go through progressions and read a defense Andy Reid can be calling plays but it’s not going to matter.

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Bubble screens have hurt us the last few years on offense. We’ve become too reliant on them.

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He was better in the spring game from what I could see. But I’m no coach.

If u would read my post with out ur bias u would know I dnt like them. Sanders throws alot what I dnt understand they do work.