Wild Saturday Leaves OSU as Lone Unbeaten Big 12 Team

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It was that kind of day in the Big 12.

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The 27 points agains after 3 games looks really good in that table.


Me waking up and seeing OU lost its 2nd consecutive game


Love both ur post. Get on he before the naysayers. When was the last time didn’t give up 27 in 3 or less then 13 in 3. Johnson era or the 40’s

What an incredible happy Saturday! :sob: :rofl: :joy:

Think of how much money you could’ve won had you bet that OU would start conference play 0-2 and be in 8th place in the Big 12.

Where on r way to 14 and 0( yes hope). One fact u got to go 3and 0. I know Gundy can glide into winnings. But this season may really open up later if things go well. I know everyone has said we haven’t played anyone. But to think about tu won a road game by beat #11 team. Wv my have the best front four we will see in the big 12. There r limits to all the other 7 teams.

Every time I attempt to read one of your comments my brain hurts.

Yeah I know but I try to edit lately lol.

I agree. I love Robert’s enthusiasm but I don’t see the pokes going 13-0 and beating Clemson or Bama. Especially if we can’t move the ball when we want.

I’m not even talking about his enthusiasm. I’m talking about his actual writing. It makes my awful writing look decent.

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It all depends if u believe if osu has played there best. Will the defense stop better offense. Is Sanders better. Do osu go with dual qb. Will Gundy open the playbook. Does sec have shut down defense or inept offensives.i do know every player will have to do his part.