Will Mike Gundy be at Arch Manning's game Thursday Night?

Arch Manning’s Isidore Newman High School football game will be featured by NBC Sports’ as part of a prep showcase called The Battle Showcase. Isidore Newman, currently 4-0 and coming off of a giant 70-0 win, will face the also-undefeated St. Charles Catholic in Hammond, Louisiana.

Kickoff is scheduled for 7 PM local time Thursday, Oct. 14 on NBC Sports Network.

Texas Coach Steve Sarkisian will be in attendance, to watch Manning in person, prior to the Longhorn’s Big 12 matchup against the Oklahoma State Cowboys. Manny is scheduled to be in Austin Saturday to watch the game. Texas, among several other SEC schools, is reportedly #1 or #2 on Manning’s list along with Georgia.

Under the close guidance of his father, Cooper, and the rest of his famous football family, Manning has made unofficial visits to Ole Miss, SMU, Alabama, Texas, Clemson, LSU, and Georgia over the summer. He is scheduled to attend Texas’ home game this Saturday against Oklahoma State.

Longhorns Coach Steve Sarkisian Scheduled To Visit 2023 QB Arch Manning Thursday - Sports Illustrated Texas Longhorns News, Analysis and More

We beat them bad. We can go after manning he knows we need a qb

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He is going to attend that game? Gundy should offer him right after it, assuming we win.

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He should by pass Shark and go shake manning’s hand
I think we already gave him an offer.
It’s weird he picked Texas osu game over ole miss tenn

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Manning isn’t interested in being a backup in the NFL.

Is that a cheap shot at Rudolph?

There’s nothing cheap about it.

What. Are you saying your college career impacts your NFL level? Either you have it or you don’t. Mason could have gone to any school and not done any better. Josh Allen went to Nowhere U.

Ur rite there what mason makes 4 million

I’m saying that with the right college coaches a kid can succeed at the next level. With the wrong college coaches, it doesn’t matter what your numbers were in college, it doesn’t work in the NFL.

No, that’s dumb. You think NFL coaches are investing millions in these guys and not working with them? You think they’re going to keep a guy on the bench that shows command of the offense? Big name coaches usually get the big name players. The few that slip through the cracks get noticed and get their shot.

So ur blaming gundy for every qb he has had for not being nfl starters.

That’s just a dumb comment.

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There’s no one in his right mind that thinks Rudolph is the next great quarterback for Pittsburgh.

That still doesn’t make u smart. But mason is making really cash

I wish we could ask Manning if he would like to set the bench behind a old broken quarterback while they bring in anyone who might be able to win a few games.

I will like for u to stop showing everyone ur a goat roper. Both weeden and Mason were nice college qb. Neither were on the level of manning. Look at riley he has ruin rattler as a qb.

Riley has had Mayfield Murray and Hurts, he can’t be right 100% of the time.

Look at that, 3 NFL starters. How long has Riley been coaching compared to Gundy?

Did he recruit them coach them. U guys and riley are a joke. Next ur going to tell me the new York Yankees had the best farm system.
I’ve never since a heisman front runner fall so fast. One game. What did they do in norman this summer.

Better to be a Heisman frontrunner who falls than a nothing that finishes 4th every year.