With a Fifth Year an Option, Isaac Likekele’s Future Uncertain

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“That’s too far ahead.”

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Hope he gets a 5th year somewhere if he wants but I don’t really want it to be here.

I like the dude, and his ability to drive to the basket and try to create a play. His shooting is awful though and especially from the charity stripe. Offensively speaking it’s pretty much playing 4 on 5 or 3 on 5 (depending on who is out on the floor with him). Nobody from the other team is afraid to leave him open either.

Good guy but time to move on

Lord say it it so!

If boynton lets him come back and he is our starting point gaurd next year, then I will be on the fire Mike boynton train.

Sounds like Boyton has already made up his mind. The only way I see him staying around is as a non scholarship player. Besides he probably has his degree ready to go.

I would think that Ice would have had his fill of all the adversity that his teams have had to play thru. I suppose he will try to play for a foreign country next season. A guy who is great for hustling but he can’t make his shots fall in. We need guys who can score since this season this team is suffering from offense anemia. We do not do well unless we have at least one 3 point dead eye shooter.


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Robert, thanks for the decoding of that message which I did not have a clue what it meant.
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