With Baylor's Win, Bedlam a Big 12 Title Play-in Game for OU

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OSU can box the Sooners out of the Big 12 title game with a Bedlam win.

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Michigan either will make it or Harbaugh will choke it knowing him allowing an easy spot for us to slide in. Gundy and the team better be ready to go today. Baylor without Bohannon looks very manageable.

ESPN Sports Analyst: No one in Big 12 has stood out enough to make CFP including OK State. Baylor wins and same dude says Baylor just might find themselves in CFP. :man_shrugging:

They’re just ready to jerk 2 loss bama off


That’s the truth

If we have the ball on the OU 43 yard line. And it’s 4th and 1. All I ask is that Gundy doesn’t try his stupid little stunt where he tries to draw the defense offside. It never ever works and it’s a waste of time.

If the game is tied or we’re already ahead just get the ■■■■ yard!!! You have the defense to stop OU even if they get it at the 43. Just be a man and cut out the stupidity!!!

Watched him do that against Tech last weekend. Just get the freaking first down!!! If you don’t get it then fine. If you can’t get one yard against this OU defense then you have a soft offense.

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Harbaugh the bozo clown had the balls to actually go for it against a much better team than OU. I hope Gundy took notice.

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