With Chuba in the Fold, OSU's Big 3 One of Its Most Exciting Trios Ever

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Next year should be a blast.

Great summary and nice ranking (although it is really hard to put any trio with Barry at anything less than #2 for me). It’s in the PFB+ area, but did you see the post I did ranking the “returning triplets” by combined total career yardage? Experienced triplets have certainly led to strong seasons for OSU football.

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A “What If” here, but could you imagine what this would’ve been like to witness…at least for one season:
Mason Rudolph | James Washington | Justice Hill I TYREKE HILL


Fields/Woods/Bell too low. Rudolph/Washington/Hill too high. Incredible discounting of the back to back Bedlam wins, when OU and Stoops were still riding high BTW. I still say Woods is the greatest OSU receiver of all time. Definitely not the most athletic, but he simply couldn’t be covered, by anyone.

The fact that Fields/Bell/Woods beat OU back to back in '01 & '02 is underrated…as OU was coming off their National Championship. In '01, they were reigning champs!

Then…what IF…in '10, Dez was still around (haven’t done the eligibility math here), with Weeden/Blackmon/Dez/Randle? I remember grabbing a screen that showed Blackmon as a freshman & Dez on the field at the same time.

Be still…