With College Basketball Getting Older, Here Is How the Cowboys Ended Up So Young

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The Cowboys rank 178th nationally in KenPom’s experience metric.

I like Mike a lot as a coach and especially the person he is - a person of integrity and high character you want representing your University. He is also a gifted recruiter.
With this being said, I question his X’s and O’s strategy or lack of a XO strategy. It’s been 7 years - plenty of time to prove yourself and Mike has not gotten in done. He talks about tuning the ball over - under his tenure I have watched this team over and over carelessly and recklessly take care of the basketball. When Eddy was there if someone made a bonehead play he would immediately take them out and give them a talking too - they were discipled!! - and he did not tolerate unacceptable play and behavior. With Mike they there seems to be no repercussions for their bad play. They stay in the game and keep making the same bonehead plays over and over again. Fundamental Basketball of making your Free-Throw attempts and passing the ball efficiently and running an offense and playing defense seem sometimes nonexistent. They rely on the 3 way to match instead of creating high percentage shots…When is the last time we had a Center we could throw into and he could be creative down low scoring or giving the Center more responsibility in finding and throwing to an open man. Where are the assistant coaches - Scott Sutton for example - helping his team learn how to play defense. This worn out story of either players being kicked- off the team or they are still young or whatever are getting old - the deflections and excuses of a non consistent strategy and performance are coming to an end. Let’s all get behind Mike this year and maybe next but after next year if there is not. Major improvement there needs to be a change of guard.


Good post !! What I don’t understand is they don’t have basic fundamentals As you said if they had the same boneheaded mistakes under Eddie their arse hit the bench. We had what 28 turnovers against Tulsa last weekend ? That is inexcusable
They run the offense from the top of the key ?? Usually winds up being a bad 3 point shot
I really like Mike , he does everything right except win consistently. I hope they improve cause they are about to hit the gauntlet !!!

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The article just pointed out how young we are, how we are playing Freshman that didn’t have the opportunity to learn the ropes by Cisse, Anderson, et al, how difficult it is to build a team in this transfer portal environment, etc, and you guys are wondering why they commit turnovers and don’t know the offensive and defensive plays?

Did the article not makes sense? I assume you read it before commenting.

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I read the article well. Sure we have a lot of freshman, youth is tough especially in this conference. Fundamentals !! They are all high recruits, they should have fundamentals. Having an offense that gets an open shot, we aren’t doing that. Mike needs to change things up. Eddie ruined us all

An offense is only as good as the sum of it’s parts. Experience matters in all aspects of the game.

My expectation is that we have to get these youngsters up to speed quickly. I wouldn’t say Boynton is failing before the B12 even starts.

These first games are the ones we are naturally showing our inexperience in as we are teaching (coaching) the players that are thrust into playing this early in their career. Boynton did not coach them in high school.

The question isn’t about winning early, it’s about improvement during the season. We weren’t picked to win anything. It’s way to early throw the baby out with the bathwater.

We haven’t won anything in 7 years. A few games here and there,especially when Cade was here. Other than that we haven’t been relevant. Seven years is a long time especially in basketball