Without a Legitimate Run Game, OSU's Offense is Fool's Gold

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OSU on pace for its worst rushing offense in seven years.

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I have a solution for this……RECRUIT BETTER.


I thougbt it was coach better. Lol your a sad guy


Kasey Dunn is not the man for the job of OC. If you have weaknesses, like run blocking, then you have to find ways to compensate. You do this with personnel packages, formations, motion, deep passes to keep db honest, trap blocking, short passes, etc. OSU hasn’t used the cowboy back position effectively in years. I don’t know when the last time I saw a diamond or even heavy formation (I didn’t watch last week’s fiasco). Yurcich got a lot of hate from fans, but he was very good at doing this kind of stuff.


Gundy doesn’t understand it either or else he would have taken care of it already. There is no excuse to be this bad after all of these years. And the O-Line has been decimated for multiple years. And Gundy needs to learn how to use a TE.


But, it can’t be the coaches. Gundy is perfect.


It is weird you guys aren’t blaming Gundy’s coaching.

But, you have your opinion

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Because we have already been blaming him for years. His lack of coaching ability is a given in all conversations. No need to beat a dead horse. Yes. IT IS GUNDY’S FAULT. Is that better ?

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Lol i cant wait until you get your way. I still dnt understand why you cry daily about it. The only thing your crying does is make you cry more. Do you on stock in kleenex.

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You misspelled “offensive line”. We haven’t had a really good one since Joe Wickline left…imagine that.


That assumes he’s not being handcuffed w/ playcalling but I have word he is, just like all before him under Gundy. O-line coaching has to fall on the O-line coach first then Mike. How’s Henson doing? How’s Derrick Bu$t Mason doing for that matter? We haven’t been good on O-line since Wickline.

Thing is for fans like you Gumby doesn’t deserve any criticism, which is RIDICULOUS!

I believe we will win this one. It won’t be pretty, but a win .


We have disagreed and agreed on things. I have no problem with people disagreeing. Just most make stupid points. I know everyone knows it starts with better recruits. But, yahoos act like we should be the best. They act like there genius for pointing that out. Goes like you love to blame a coach.
Its pretty simple we had really good team in 2010 and 11. Because we had the best players.
Your latest cry is oline. Well i know that we have 4 oline starting at other places. 1 kicked off, 3 looking for playing time. So are we not getting guys. In todays environment keeping back ups are tuff. These are real reasons. Any of these guys as good as we had 10 years ago, maybe not. With all this said do fans like me need to hear fans like you cry about it every time you get on.

Speaking of coaches. How are all our ex coaches doing. Most are not in the same gig they left for. Most dnt get the praise you guys give them.
What is amazing loses are always gundy didnt coach well. Never the other team played well.

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That’s a given dum dum.

Who recruits players and gives the final ok? You coach dum dum. Everything that osu puts out on that field every Saturday or in this instance doesn’t put out on that field to the plays the players and the coordinators is the head coaches fault plane and simple. Gundy isn’t good enough as a coach to do it and I know it’s extremely hard for you to hear that but he is the problem we are “maybe next year U”.

Just helping you out. It always sounds more pathetic when you have multiple things to cry about.

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Just one…….almost gundy

But don’t you worry Roberto as your coach said in the press conference. Everything is still good remember? It’s not spiraling out of control. He will have this team back to just 2 or 3 loses and your occasional rare 1 loss in no time. Enjoy buddy.

When you’re the boss, the buck should stop with you. So, yes, every problem that is not solved is ultimately Gundy’s fault. That’s why he’s paid so much. That’s what leadership is.