Would You Rather: Mason Rudolph/Chuba Hubbard or Brandon Weeden/Justice Hill

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Marshall gets teamed up on for 29 minutes.

One of the biggest differences when you consider Weeden/Rudolph: it’s not about OSU…think about it this way. Would you rather face Josh Heupel or Lincoln Riley as OC for the Sooners?

Porter with the body slams. Only thing missing was some small hand jabs at MR.

That ATM comeback was incredible and against a top 10 team. MR never played that well against a top 10 team that I could remember. The Big 12 was also much better during Weeden’s era than MR and the Big 12 South was particularly salty.

Weeden was just more accurate with the ball. Rudolph on long passes gave those guys a second to adjust.
BTW that’s the problem with Sanders, he doesn’t have the accuracy of the other two.

Weeden yes, Justice no way. You know at some point he will quit on his team

Justice was a the best in the conference.

Weeden threw the football better than any college or professional player I’ve ever seen to date. His ability to throw an on point and accurate pass without adjusting the ball any after the snap was amazing. I felt like Weeden was always a lot more comfortable and in control. I never felt that vibe with Rudolph. In fact, I would say that when you watched Weeden you could almost guarantee that once they hit the 25 yard line a touchdown was coming in the next 1-3 plays. I never felt that way with Rudolph.