Wrestling: Beric Jordan Commits to Oklahoma State

Originally published at: Wrestling: Beric Jordan Commits to Oklahoma State | Pistols Firing

Jordan is the No. 17 junior in the country.

Heck of a great weekend to bring recruits from all sports to BPS! The atmosphere must have been mind-blowing.


What I was thinking also ! Sold out crowd , wild homecoming and lots of recruits.

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Cowboy wrestling has to get a whole lot better to be able to sign more top 3 guys and get attendance back to where it used to be. The glow from the historic tradition of the program is fading. Bring in a consultant to assess the entire program and see how it can be revitalized. It’s seems like a rose that has been fading. Its season has come and gone.
Jordan wrestles at a historic high school that, as of 2022, has won 21 Ohio state championships in a row! Unbelievable. I was relieved to read that this kid is not related to Jim Jordan.