Wrestling Mailbag: Lineup Questions, Facility Thoughts and more

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Seth answers some of your wrestling questions.

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Thanks for the update Seth. Fix would be a beast at 125.

I enjoyed that format of questions as an article and update.
With the log jam at the lower weights you would think we would start seeing some transfers. That’s quite a decision for all involved in Geer vs AJ at 197. AJ most likely would be able to score more points at the NCAA tournament than Dakota. If the lineup looked like it could really compete against PSU and Iowa for the title then you have to go with the guys who can score the most points. But if it realistically looks like the roster would more likely just be a third or fourth place team then you redshirt AJ. Assuming that A.J. would accept sitting out a season and assuming that college campuses can even be open this fall. Lots of ifs. But what is for sure is that this is one of the most talent filled rosters that OSU has had in quite awhile. I don’t know how they work the recruiting but I would have Tyler Caldwell do all of the leg work and research but when it came down to visiting with the recruit and his parents in their living room it should be John Smith who knocks on that front door, at least for the top recruits. But however it is done, it’s obvious that Tyler Caldwell has made quite an impact on recruiting. And when the team goes thru flat periods I do think that changing assistant coaches is a good idea.