Wrestling Mailbag: Projecting a Lineup, Redshirts and Facilities

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When will OSU get some facility upgrades?


Great jobs. Mite do a 2 deep line up.

Great article Seth. I saw the accommodation you received for fitness, you need to start working on that 665lb dead lift… :slight_smile:

The roster has a few weak weights. By weak I mean we have good wrestlers but not good enough to put up enough points in the NCAA tournament. MastroG. at 125 did not yet impress me. Dusty Hone at 141 is not a great one. And Harris at 285 is a champion in my book just because of what he has accomplished by being outweighed by so much. But that does that does not put up the needed points at the big tournament. I want to see the full potential of Dustin Plott and there is no way to judge that from last season because of his injury. I would like to see him redshirt so he can fully heal and not risk re-injury. I hope Sheets is healed because he should be pretty good by now if not for that injury. With the lineup we have I don’t yet see a NCAA title on the horizon. We again have only 2 contenders for titles, Fix and Ferrari. I would hate to see AJ move up to become an underweight heavyweight. Guaranteed points at 197 but 285 would be a gamble. I hope that Geer returns but we all so so much potential from Montalvo. So if Geer does not return then we have a really good one in Montalvo. But let Plott recovery and put Montalvo at 174.