Wrestling Preview: Streaming Info, Projected Lineups and Series History for Bedlam Round 1

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Round 1

This could take bonus point for some one to win. Need some guys to step up

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Yea this might be a close one. We haven’t lost to the gooners in forever


I dread the thought of it. Goon acts like wrestling isn’t even a real sport and is not important, until they beat us. Then all of a sudden they care about it. Which happens about once every 25 attempts.

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I assume Fix and Surber don’t go.
We could lose at 133, 141, 149, 174. 197, HWT. And if they get any bonus points, it could go bad. I can’t tell how good Williams is. I just see big potential with good coaching.
Doucet lacks offense.
If Mosha is a no go, I think we win .
Let Fix recover and let it be a close dual. If Fix wrestles, no contest, we win dual.
I hope Witcraft goes instead of Blankenship who looked terrible last season. He was too small.
Haas doesn’t look very good. If we are ahead by a lot, I would like to see Jersey Robb and let Plott rest.
But I agree, dual might come down to bonus points. Count on Plott for those points.

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Sh$t watching the match and they have a Gooner as the color guy. Both of the TV guys are idiots. And the gooner one is killing me to listen to.