Writing on the Wall for the Big 12 as SEC Goes to Conference-Only Schedule

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How other leagues will affect this one.

How much money would the big 12 stand to make with everyone else going conference only if they play 3 non con games even if it’s against lesser opponents? You’d think a lot of their games would get picked up and Texas and OU would probably get prime time slots with nothing else on tv.

I laugh at the SEC for pushing back the season to Sept 26. This kick the can down the road mentality puts their seasons in peril. I would rather start on time and have more byes, even if it’s 4 bye weeks per team than to have less flexibility. I’m not sure how this season will play out but I assure you, there will not be vaccine ready on Sept 26.

Big 12 cannot justify doing something different than the other 4.

On Mandel’s last point about fans not wanting to go back to buy games. He’s right, but I also want more exciting matchups in the non-conference. The conference slate is fun, but so much of the dynamics have been locked in place for so long, it’s a little monotonous.

I wonder why there is no consideration of pushing the season back to the spring? Maybe you could actually play a full schedule with fans. You could also move basketball back a month and play the other spring sports as normal.

A miracle cure is not going to happen during the three week delay. But there is at least a chance that things could be much better by springtime.

I don’t think most schools have the administrative capacity to run all sports in the spring. It sounds great for the fans to have all of it going on at the same time, but FB is an “all hands” type thing for lots of departments within the Athletic Department, so those people won’t be available to help run everything else.

So, the Big 12 – which is actually the not-so-Big 10 – is going to be left with a 9-game conference-only schedule?

This conference needs to get it’s best RECRUITING hat on and go get two of the following: Arkansas, Missouri, Nebraska Colorado, Iowa, SMU or Houston.

SMU and Houston don’t help the conference, and the others wouldn’t leave their current home.

For this season only there are rumors of adding BYU to the schedule. They only have half of their games still on the schedule and if the Mountain West goes conference only they’ll lose three more.

I hear ya. I do think Houston is a huge TV market. It’s a shame A&M and UT can’t mend fences – although any fence-mending might lead Texas to SEC.

I wish we’d go ahead and play the 11 games we currently have scheduled, but I don’t see it happening. Bowlsby has always been a follower, so you can expect the Big12 to fall in line with the rest. I’m really surprised the SEC decided to push the season back that far.

Well I’m going to change my prediction of OSU going 8-4 to 7-4.

A&M ain’t gonna come crawling back to the Longhorns. Eventually, the Aggies investments in football could pay dividends and they may surpass Texas in terms of interest and recruiting, albeit with the right coach. Not sure Jimbo is the answer. Wish the Pokes had the economic and political clout to give the Goons the middle finger the way the Ags did to UT.

I don’t hate this idea!

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