Recap osu won 45-0 against air force.
Fix was the only one who gave up a takedown, he did come back with a pin.
This match is suppose to be closer.

Young got a major it 4 -0

Kaden started slow but won 10-5

Sheets pulled out overtime win 2-1

Travis takes it 10 -2 a major

Plott takes this one 7-2

Gear lost in overtime 3-1
Thats his 3rd lost to this guy

Aj holds on 4-2

3 match to go it’s pretty much over but technically it’s not.

Luke took it 12-5
23-3 osu takes the match got 2 more to go

Trevor lost his riding time but won it in over time 7-5
Fix get a major 10-1
Good win tuff had only two major and 3 went to over time with one lost

Great update! I was reading the play by play posts on the go pokes forum and the poster there wrote that OSU got docked 1 team point because AJ “flexed” at the end of his match. I started laughing out loud when I read that as I though it was hilarious. For whatever reason the ref reconsidered and gave OSU their team point back a few minutes later. LOL

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I turn off rite at the end and I guess I missed it

Through 5 duels this season:
OSU: 203
Opponents: 23
Average duel score
OSU: 40
Opponent: 4

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