Xavier @ OSU Game Thread 🏀

4pm, see you there.

Let’s fire it up.

Big game today.

A W would do wonders for the teams confidence and momentum

Change to our starting lineup today–Walker will start in place of MAM.

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So ESPN is being cheap and doing the announcing remotely.


We have to lead the country in balls stolen right out of our hands per game

Hey that Kalib dunk was dope at least.

This is a good start for us


Ice hesitated after that offensive rebound. Gotta get it out to the perimeter and reset quickly.

We just need to tell our players to hug the ball immediately after a rebound. Too often we hold the ball out where anyone can slap it away, that alone should cut down on these turnovers by a good amount.

Those first 5 minutes are why ice is important to the team. If we had shooters we wouldn’t need him, but no one on our team can shoot. And he does everything else, even moreso today so far. He’s all over the place. He can’t shoot worth crap but neither can anyone else on this team right now and we don’t ridicule any of them near as much as we do him. And most of the other guys can’t do all the other things like he does. They are on the floor to shoot and they can’t even do that.


BT feeling it this game

It appears as though our fans decided to go remote today as well.

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Xavier has had like four lucky bounces lead to buckets.

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We need to strap up with sticky tape on our hands.

Can’t hold a rebound to save our lives rn

Xavier plays awfully physical ball but I think the refs have missed a few calls.

MA steps on the court…blown by for an easy two :frowning_face:

Cisse lobs cure my depression


Got to rebound

We have to be smarter with our passes after a steal. Absolutely no reason Cisse needed to make that pass so quickly.

I thought this game was later, whah. I just got back from dance recital. I’m not prepared for basketball! :laughing: