Yes or no? (Research project)

So I think tonight I may look at the top 10 recruiting classes (for basketball 2020) and hypothetically see what those teams would look like IF their seniors are able to return. I was hoping to get ahold of the PFB staff and see if they wanted to do an article over it, but I understand things are hectic at the moment and The Chamber is always a good place for discussion over things like these. If you would enjoy seeing what some schools would look like let me know and I’ll dig into it tonight, if not then let me know that as well so I’m not muddying up the forums. Thanks as always!


I’m interested in this.

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I’ll take anything sports related at the moment, so I would definitely be interested!!


I’ll read it.



Basketball jones, I got a basketball jones, I got a basketball jones, so baby woo ooo ooo oooo


There’s a lot of variables that I need to read about

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I’m going to be up all night working on this so hopefully you all will have something to read and discuss to start the week tomorrow. Check back in the morning. Also, if there is anything you would like included in this please let me know.

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I will be using 24/7 as my recruiting ranking service and NBA as my draft projector. Of course I will use the official team sites for rosters and classifications.

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I look forward to reading it.

#1 Kentucky- 6 Commits- .9906 AVG

Terrence Clarke SF 6-7 185 State: NH (Nat:4/Pos:1/St:1) 5⭐️ .9983

BJ Boston SG 6-6 175 State: CA (Nat:7/Pos:2/St:4) 5⭐️ .9971

Devin Askew CG 6-3 195 State: CA (Nat:25/Pos:6/St:7) 5⭐️ .9904

Isaiah Jackson PF 6-9 200 State: MI (Nat:28/Pos:3/St:1) 4⭐️ .9890

Lance Ware PF 6-9 215 State: NJ (Nat:31/Pos:5/St:1) 4⭐️ .9868

Cam’Ron Fletcher SF 6-6 180 State: MO (Nat:46/Pos:11/St:2) 4⭐️ .9820

Projected 2020 Draftees: (3) Tyrese Maxey(Fr.), Ashton Hagans(So.), Nick Richards (Jr.)

Possible Sr. Returnees: Nate Sestina (Walk-On)

Impact level: None

This one is pretty straight forward. Kentucky will continue their one and done factory.

#2 Duke- 6 Commits- .9894 AVG

Jalen Johnson SF 6-8 215 State: WI (Nat:11/ Pos:3/ St:1) 5⭐️ .9963

Jeremy Roach PG 6-2 180 State: VA (Nat:21/ Pos:4/ St:1) 5⭐️ .9928

DJ Steward 6-3 CG 165 State: IL (Nat:24/ Pos:5/ St:1) 5⭐️ .9906

Mark Williams C 7-0 225 State: FL (Nat:29/ Pos:5/ St:5) 4⭐️ .9884

Jaemyn Brakefield PF 6-8 210 State: WV (Nat:37/ Pos:6/ St:1) 4⭐️ .9853

Henry Coleman 6-8 PF 240 State: VA (Nat:44/ Pos:7/ St:3) 4⭐️ .9828

Projected 2020 Draftees: (3) Vernon Carey (Fr.), Cassius Stanley (Fr.), Tre Jones (So.)

Possible Sr. Returnees: Justin Robinson (Gr), Jack White (Sr), Javin DeLaurier (Sr)

Impact Level- Similar to Kentucky, this will have a minimal impact on Duke. 2 walk ons and one former top 40 recruit that flames out isn’t exactly a huge loss to any lineup. Or a big boost if returning. (minimal impact)

#3 North Carolina- 5 commits- .9888 AVG

Day’Ron Sharpe C 6-10 246 State: FL (Nat:14/Pos:3/St:3) 5⭐️ .9952

Walker Kessler C 7-0 245 State: GA (Nat:17/Pos:4/St:1) 5⭐️ .9943

Caleb Love 6-3 PG 170 State: MO (Nat:18/Pos:2/St:1) 5⭐️ .9930

Puff Johnson SF 6-7 185 State: AZ (Nat:48/Pos:12/St:3) 4⭐️ .9814

RJ Davis CG 5-11 165 State: NY (Nat:54/Pos:9/St:1) 4⭐️ .9801

Projected 2020 Draftees: (1) Cole Anthony (Fr.)

Possible Sr. Returnees: Brandon Robinson (Sr.), Christian Keeling (Gr.), Justin Pierce (Gr.), Shea Rush (Sr. W/O), Caleb Ellis (Sr. W/O), Robbie O’Han (Sr. W/O).

Impact Level- With 3 seniors that had significant contributions, 2 of which are at Graduate transfers that help all 3 equal to around 23 PPG. The 23 PPG from the 3 cover about 30% of the team 72 PPG. This is the first team in the rankings with significant contributors to lose or gain from the NCAAs ruling. With the level of recruits coming in though, it could soften the blow if not able to bring them back. If they do return however to help on the perimeter with Cole Anthony NBA bound and two big time post recruits incoming as well. (Impact level: Medium)


Here are the first 3. I will post in spurts we have things to read and discuss over a couple days on this down time. Let me know what y’all think and if this more or less the breakdown you were hoping for.


#4 Michigan- 5 Commits- .9574 AVG

Isaiah Todd PF 6-10 195 State: NC ( Nat:13/Pos:3/St:1) 5⭐️ .9952

Hunter Dickinson C 7-2 255 State: MD (Nat:32/Pos:6/St:2) 4⭐️.9867

Zeb Jackson SG 6-2 160 State: FL (Nat:69/Pos:10/St:9) 4⭐️ .9732

Terrance Williams PF 6-6 215 State: DC (Nat:85/Pos:15/St:1)

Jace Howard SF 6-8 210 State: FL (Nat:346/Pos:58/St:29) 3⭐️ .8678

Projected 2020 Draftees: (0)

Possible Sr. Returnees: Zavier Simpson (Sr), Jon Teske (Sr), Austin Davis (Sr)

Impact level- (30 PPG, 15 RPG, 9 APG) The level of impact from the decision could drastically impact Michigan’s season. As we creep down the rankings the level of seniors returning continues to climb. Michigan also relied heavily on their upperclassmen to anchor their defense. Although 30 PPG is nothing to scoff at, the defense is where these seniors could make the biggest difference. Impact level- Medium.

Tennessee- 4 Commits- .9696 AVG

Jaden Springer SG 6-5 195 State: FL (Nat:16/Pos:4/St:4) 5⭐️ .9943

Keon Johnson SG 6-5 180 State: TN (Nat:22/Pos:5/St:1) 5⭐️ .9926

Corey Walker PF 6-7 210 State: VA (Nat:57/Pos:10/St:4) 4⭐️ .9793

Malachi Wideman SG 6-4.5 197 State: SG (Nat:165/Pos:32/St:14) 3⭐️ .9122

Projected 2020 Draftees: (0)

Possible Sr. Returnees: (2) Jordan Bowden (Sr), Lamonte Turner (Sr)

Impact Level- (26 PPG, 8 RPG, 10 APG) This PPG is about 1/3rd of the team PPG. Tennessee hit a bit of resurgence recently under former B12 HC Rick Barnes. Coach Barnes runs very ISO dependent offenses. So losing 33% of that production can be difficult to replace, but doing so with two 5⭐️ wings can make that easier. Impact level- Medium

#6 LSU- 5 Commits- .9448 AVG

Cameron Thomas SG 6-3 180 State: VA (Nat:23/Pos:6/St:2) 5⭐️ .9914

Eric Gaines PG 6-3 170 State: GA (Nat:79/Pos:16/St:8) 4⭐️ .9663

Mwani Wilkinson SF 6-6 195 State: NV (Nat:89/Pos:18/St:3) 4⭐️ .9618

Jalen Cook PG 6-0 180 State:LA (Nat:139/Pos:22/St:2) 3⭐️ .9266

Bradley Ezewiro C 6-8 230 State: VA (Nat:285/Pos:36/St:13) 3⭐️ .8779

Projected 2020 Draftees: (0)

Possible Sr. Returnees: (3) Skylar Mays (Sr.), Marlon Taylor (Sr.), Marshall Graves (Sr.)

Impact Level- (24 PPG, 9 RPG, APG 5)
Sticking with the trend, these seniors account for around 30% of the team offense. Although, this one is a little different in the fact that one of these SRs. (Mays) was the teams leading scorer. He was also a top 8 scorer in the conference. The benefit here could be way beyond the numbers. LSUs top recruit plays the same position and it could go one of 2 ways. If he was promised playing time and a spot at the starting 2 guard, then it could put a wrinkle in that plan. Or it could be a huge boost and allow your top recruit to learn from your best and most experienced player therefor fast tracking his development. Impact level- High


#10 Oklahoma St- 4 Commits- .9377

Cade Freaking Cunningham PG 6-7 State: FL (Nat:1/Pos:1/St:1) 5⭐️ .9997

Rondel Walker SG 6-2 160 State: FL (Nat:94/Pos:16/St:2) 4⭐️ .9594

Matthew Alexander-Moncrieffe SF 6-7 195 State: ON (Nat:151/Pos:31/St:2) 4⭐️ .9217

Montreal Pena PF 6-9 200 State:TX (Nat:313/Pos:68/St:15) 3⭐️ .8702

Projected 2020 Draftees: (0)

Possible Sr. Returnees: (6) Lindy Waters (Sr.), Thomas Dziagwa (Sr.), Cameron McGriff (Sr.), Jonathan Laurent (Gr.), J.K. Hadlock (Sr.), Trey Reeves (Sr.)

Impact Level- (37 PPG 15 RPG 5 APG) Needless to say the impact of the decision for Oklahoma State could be huge. Not only would it eliminate the need for a grad transfer, but it would bring to life the dreams that many people have had of Cade playing on this years roster. With a year to adjust to the moved 3 PT line and the revitalization of Cam and his inside game at the end of the season these seniors could be exactly what they were intended to be. Complimentary pieces. The “lack of shooting” worries for next years rosters were due in large part because of losing Lindy and Dizzy. With them returning obviously that would help to ease that concern. Obviously this would create a problem rotation wise. A logjam on the perimeter with minutes, however that has to be probably the best problem to have. Imagine when ICE goes to the bench you then go to Cade facilitating to Lindy, Dizzy, Walker, CHJ, or Boone. Ditto for Cam and being able to have Boone, MAM, Hidde, or Laurent all on the floor for every minute of every game. Any combination of these guys will always be on the floor which could theoretically prevent a drop off from one rotation to the next. You can then make sure everyone is well rested and something like the ICE sickness doesn’t derail the entire season. It also helps to keep your top 8 or 9 guys fresh all season for your run at the end of the year. Needless to say the impact level for the Cowboys - HIGHEST :cowboy_hat_face:


Went ahead and went to the team everyone cared about. Sorry I wasted time with the previous ones, but I hope you enjoy the breakdown of the Cowboys and maybe we can have some in depth discussions on it.