10 Impressive Stats from Oklahoma State's Win at West Virginia

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Some significant numbers to come out of OSU’s road win.

Guess I’ll eat some crow. Just when you thought the era was winding down they decide to get it together. They were looking like a 4-5 win team with no signs of improving. Idk what was going on in the first 3-4 weeks but it’s quite a difference. O line is blocking better now. Play calling at the beginning of the game has been much better. If you watch this team now you’ll be confused as to how they lost 33-7 to South Alabama. I’m still not sold on Bowman but it is what it is right now. If they keep Ollie going like this it could help Bowman. Ollie is really coming into his own right now.

Drop the NIL bag on Ollie and a couple of good portal linemen and let them cook next year. I heard Bowman might be trying for another year of eligibility somehow.

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The 7 main line all have a year left. But, they have all been around atleast 4 years. Got to see if any are retiring. Lol