10 Mid-Major Coaches to Know in Oklahoma State's Coaching Search

Oklahoma State basketball is now nothing more than a stepping stone job, at best. We’re a football school now.

The absolute best thing about this hire; Holder the ahole won’t be involved!!!

Have you ever watched a know-it-all suck-up…, brown-nose, who humps everyone above; and craps all over people below…???

Well if you have, then you’ll understand how OSU
Basketball ended up in toilet!!!

Have an egomaniac, narcissistic know-it-all, make hiring decisions…


There are plenty of rules to break. If you think there are no rules anymore. Contact periods, Boynton said he wanted to use a million of his dollars for NIL, which would be illegal. Cheaters continue to cheat. I see your point though, win at all cost is all that matters. Maybe we can aspire to be the next Baylor, who won 3 B12 titles in football, but had to endure a rape cover up culture that had the Head Coach, the AD and the President fired. I’m sure there are some Baylor alumni that are still proud of that.


Because you know more than Holder, sure ya do. Nice story bro….


Paying players (now legal) versus concealing mass rape. Quite the leap you’ve made.

Interesting mentioning Northwest Missouri State coach.
Iba coached there,quite successfully, prior to coming to Stillwater.


Jesus Christ, just go sit down then and stop supporting the program. Some of you folks are so depressing.


Ironic considering you’re the one comparing paying players to rape.

I like the idea of hiring Darian DeVries from Drake, especially if he would bring his son with him who was a 4 star recruit and last year hit 48.1% from 3-point range. Have we ever had someone who could hit almost 50% from 3 point land and spread out the floor?

Assistant coach within the Creighton program who has had some excellent coaches and teams. Good pedigree.

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Oh….the IRONY! Oh my!

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We should’ve never hired Sutton by your standards then huh?

Sutton played at OSU under Iba. Where did Will Wade play? Who cares, and he won’t care about OSU. You have already implied, that he won’t be here long. I could see him leave us worse than we are. Sure he might win, but if we get in trouble again, the NCAA will slam us harder. Go ahead believe in your delusional dream that he will be the right coach. Go ahead and place unrealistic expectations on a program that cannot win enough for. Just remember you are the sucker, who will be screaming to fire him in 3 years.

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Sean Sutton is the career OSU leader in 3 pt FG % at 44%

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Who cares how much he cares about the university? This program has fallen so far it doesn’t matter. We need winning basketball and Will Wade would pretty much ensure we win games. The NCAA is essentially powerless now I don’t know why you’re so caught up with them hammering us again. Eddie was involved with cheating at Kentucky and you’re ok with that but not Wade? I’m guessing you want Doug to get the job?

I mention that often to an idiot that posts on the free board. Baylor should be really proud of Briles and the rape gang that everyone including the police and Ken Starr …. I wouldn’t put that as a proud era if it was OSU , in fact strike it from the records

Dang… when you put it like that. :woozy_face: I don’t disagree with anything you’re saying. Getting basketball back to something OSU fans can be proud of isn’t going to be easy. I hope Weiberg can do what Holder never could. Holder did some great things for OSU, but basketball wasn’t one of them. I trust Weiberg will do everything in his power to get basketball on the right track. Oklahoma State needs to be a tourney team more than 50% of the time and needs to be sweet 16 or better at least once every 5 years.

Most of us have a more optimistic outlook in life and the opportunity to turn the program around. There are currently many winning sports teams at OSU and no reason the MBB team can’t win.

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We have a new President and AD so things are different. There will be more NIL now that Boynton is gone. Fans/Alumni are more likely to fund a competent coach’s players rather than throw money down the drain on a last place team.

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I think my favorite thing about a Wade hire is it would seem like us giving a big ole middle finger to the NCAA

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That’s is my ONLY requirement at this point. It’s obvious they refuse to give it to Doug, so I don’t care who it is at this point. Just give it to Wade and say f the NCAA.