10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State, Coronavirus and Sports in 2020

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On a rollercoaster few days and how to process it all.

Zion Williamson net worth is less than $10 million
Gayle Benson net worth is greater than $3 billion.

Guess which one is paying Gayle Benson’s employees right now.

Hey guys, I really enjoy all the content that you provide. With the lack of games to write about, how about a series of articles on some of the great “What if’s” in OSU history like-
What if Kansas loses in the Final Four in 08, does Bill Self really come back to OSU and what would the last 12 years have looked like?
What if Brent Parker catches the pass?
What if the field goal against ISU is called good?
Unfortunately there are lots more in our history but might be fun to kick those around.
Thanks for all your work!