10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 24-14 Victory against Baylor

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On Justin Blackmon, seabears and defense.

They were talking about this in the last pod, but the students “F$ck you Baylor” is classless. And not part of our Cowboy Culture. Stay classy Stillwater


Again!? SMDH that’s embarrassing.

Our defense seems to be top 25 worthy, even against the mediocre teams that we have faced and with the fortuitous (for us) circumstances under which we faced them. ;-\

Our offense lacks capable, accurate, cool headed, decision making leadership as the rest of the pieces are beginning to jell. The offensive line is much improved. The running backs and receivers are performing better. A few real ‘stars’ are emerging on offense and defense, with very capable role players around them.

Yet, in this fading Big 12 galaxy that is about to implode in coming seasons, we have a black hole at quarterback. The play from Sanders or Illingsworth will not translate to ‘just wins, baby’ over the next month unless it is dramatically improved… between the ears!! Stupid mistakes, panicked throws and even unforced inaccuracies cannot be over come by simply being a ‘gamer’. (Who is third on our depth chart??? lol)