10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 27-13 Season-Opening Victory against Central Arkansas

Appalachian State isn’t an FCS team.

Nice try joy

They’re in the Sun Belt. They aren’t an FCS school.

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James Madison :grin:
When did Appalachian St move up from D 2

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Dude…App State has been an FBS school for a decade now. You need to pay better attention. Then you try to tell me I don’t know anything.

Seems you skipped right past James Madison

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So you could point out one school? Good for you.

Otis Campbell the town drunk of Mayberry! Great character!


That was this week only

That doesn’t explain the huge holes we made late in the game when we switched to the gap blocking scheme we added. Had we done that from the start, this would have been an entirely different game.

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“We were outcoached.”