10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 27-13 Victory against West Virginia

With an injured and battered OL you go with the dude who is going to be able to escape and get out of the pocket. Primarily because the receiving Corp is probably good enough to deal with less accurate passing.

Now if you have a good OL and no receivers to really really on you go with the running game and a serviceable accurate passer.

One reason Weeden was so good In the pockets was because he had a lot of time as well. OSU only gave up 13 sacks the entire season in 2011. When you double that are get over 30 sacks allowed per game you need a QB hat can escape and possibly make something happen.

Speaking one’s mind doesn’t necessarily equate to facts. Unless PFB or Hubbard bring us some kind of hard data to support such a claim, then Travis isn’t wrong to question the claim, or bring a counterintuitive argument forward. I don’t think anyone disagrees on Hubbard’s right to speak his mind. I just think when you’re 21 years old you better expect some kind counter argument and support the claim. Don’t expect that everyone should just agree with you, and then leave Twitter because you don’t like the answers. Nobody forced him to tweet. He did that on his own.

I know u guys think that the world has past him by, but no. Weedon had a great ol, but he knew the offense and had the quickest release. No body was crying 2 yrs ago when corn dog run a good offense. He knew it to. When u see 7 to 9 receivers catching balls ull see Gundy’s offense. That’s why I would to see Sanders in the ku game to see if he has learned more. Its ku hope both qbs are in. I would love to see less bubble screens. I would like to presley on jet sweep. There a lot good things going on u guys should be happy.

2 yrs ago corn dog finished 9th in the conference.

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Not sure where you got that stat. He threw all most 4000 yards. He on the the top 10 list of osu. 308 per game. We hard 500 overall totall. He was throw for almost what were ave. Now. 308 is like 100 more then sanders threw for. If we hard any defence horndog would had more. Was that 9the national. If u the he was a bad qb. Then u weren’t there. He could run too. Here was there 20 yrs(lol) he knew that offense.

3-6 in the conference.

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That wasnt horndog or the offense fault and that’s what we were talking about. 2018 was one of the worst defense’s we had. Horndog had 32 td sanders wont get that in 2yrs. I proud that he was a walkon and stuck around. Sanders is alike like
Bobby Reid’s. Highly ranked alot of being hurt. Gundy’s trying not to make the new qb into another lunt. I just want u guys to be real there is nothing wrong with Gundy’s off system it has to have qb. We will but not overnite. Just stop saying Gundy’s off. Is out date since 2006.

You’re correct. I almost forgot how Corndog lit the world on fire with his 17-35 completion rate and 184 yards passing against a K State team that didn’t even make a bowl game.