10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 27-13 Victory against West Virginia

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On OSU’s running backs, the uniforms and Alex Hale.

Do you really know it is a “vocal minority” or are you just hoping/guessing?

I don’t think this offense is going to stink for too long. The OL looked better than last week already, and WVU has a better DL than Tulsa. The game plan is pretty vanilla, because Gundy trusts his defense and he’s got a backup freshman QB and patchwork OL right now. Charlie Dickey is the OL coach, Spencer Sanders will be healthy, we have Kansas and then a bye. I’m expecting the offense to look much better against Baylor with a week of preparation and time to get healthy

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The stat about WVU having more yards than OSU needs some context. WVU did outgain OSU (by a whopping 11 yards) but they also had 13 possessions to OSU’s 11. OSU also had two short-field possessions (due to the WVU fumble and the punt to the 40) while WVU had one (after the OSU interception).

Also, what is a “cool ordeal”?

It’s a guess. They just claim it to be because they want to believe they are correct about their many assumptions.

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I’m more worried this week than I was last week. I knew we’d win today and even called us covering in earlier PFB posts, but that was moreso because I don’t think WVU is very good. Anyway, I don’t think the playcalling was good at all. I’m a little worried about that in the future, Dunn has no creativity. Hopefully that is by choice and he’s hiding some stuff, but he’s been pretty bad so far this year. That being said, the defense looks awesome.

Freshman QB in his first start and you want something other than basic play calling? I think Dunn was just fine.

It’s a definitely a minority bud. Fairly easy to see. Sounds like you’re one of them, poor thing.

I remember the last time we had a highly ranked fres. QB and they let him throw it a round. That’s why they didn’t in this game. Special team doing good. Def. Good but still open in middle. I don’t mind good penalties but they had some bad ones. Need more turnovers. Haven’t played a mobile QB. What would the old def cor. Do with so many players. Of. Line did a complete turn around. Hubbard been involved in 4 fumbles( lucky only lost one). I asked the great one ( golf pro) many time how pro’s would look at Hubbard’s text and him having a ok yr. Also asked what if brown had a good yr. Now that school is in Hubbard needs to go to school and play hard football.

Hubbard should have spent less time tweeting and more time working on his game.

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It will be interesting to see OSU go up against Texas who can score 63.

We haven’t seen Sanders really at all this year so I want to see him in a full game, but am I the only one who thinks Illingworth is a better passer than Sanders? I like that Sanders can run that adds an extra dimension to the offense but we’ve had our most success with pure pocket passers like Weeden and Rudolph. I know he’s only freshman so he has a lot to learn but if Sanders passing game hasn’t drastically improved from last year we may have a controversy on our hands at the end of this year or before next season.

I agree 100% but if they are only going to throw 20 times a game, just doesn’t matter. In fact we can stop recruiting receivers if you’re only going to run the ball. Maybe they could get a few more OL.

I agree I think they could’ve opened it up a bit more. I know he’s a freshman but he showed he has the ability and that second half we were pretty stale, I would’ve liked to seen a few more pass plays down field. That throw he made to Stoner in the first quarter was outstanding.

So you come here to freely speak your mind about what is important to you.
Chiba doesn’t get to use a platform to speak his mind?Can you say(not asking you to spell obviously) hypocrite?

How about you go to another country after they have offered you a free education with tutors, the best nutrition, the best health care and a chance to show off your talent. Then trash the the head coach and the fans who are giving you the opportunity.

Scott it is platform for free speech about sports(osu). But, hubbard admitted he did wrong with the Gundy thing( no help from this site). Then talks about firing a da for oc. Then he got pounded and quite tweeter. Like ar1 said, he is for ed and football. 21 yr old don’t make best chooses or have the knowledge. U should understand this u were 21 once, believe in unicorns, pots of gold. He has rites and passion. But, his star power needs to in the correct way. Blasting out tweets is not. For one thing Scott if the da did wrong the court will fine those innocent. And the city can vote him out.

With Sanders back, Casey should put Hubbard, Brown, & Sanders in the same backfield & try some Georgia Southern/Tulane stuff.

PFB staff needs to learn to leave the political bait comments out of these articles. That said, is it possible that Chuba’s involvement in such has affected his focus somewhat, thus some effect on his performance?

One every needs to step back and do a reality check. Coming in this season I was all in with the hype. By losing 3 lineman u should have known it would slow us down. Then injuries didn’t help. I would love to see 20 more pts. Per game. But sent ur fres. Qb. Out throwing 3 int. Is going to helpi seen it happen here oh yeah last yr. By the way it happen last week to ou. What helped is I saw players doing there job and some more to win. What I read r cry babies not winning games like they want. Or with the coach they want.