10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 27-24 Victory in the Final Bedlam

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On Ollie, ‘The Drive,’ and a rebuttal that could last a lifetime.

I thought when Gordon tried to cut up (instead of using his speed) and got stopped short of the 1st down we were going to see the same sort of result we all have come accustomed to. Thank God I was wrong! What an amazing night!!!

I coached Danny Stutsman and have been friends their family forever. I wish he could have played, but for now I’ll take those bragging rights.

Now we need to get ready for UCF. I can’t wait to wear orange to the stadium. My daughter is a cheerleader for UCF, but she knows I’ve loved OSU much longer than I’ve loved her. Can’t wait to take some amazing pics after the game.



Obviously a great game, great result but not well played on either side, turnovers, penalties. Defense still gives up too many big plays but they stopped ou when it was most needed. Was I the only one yelling at the TV DOUBLE COVER STOOPS?!? I am a happy Cowboy!

  1. I liked the fact that Gundy and Dunn were trying trick plays and doing things out of the ordinary. While some didn’t go as planned, I still applaud the effort of trying.

  2. I could understand running with Ollie for a first down on 4th and 1 the first try. My issue was when we did it on a second try. It’s obvious that OU was keying in on Ollie, plugging the middle, and rushing from the outside. You gotta start pitching it to Presley and Owens when that happens.

  3. One of the things that drove me nuts about Gundy in Bedlam was how he would become conservative and go into a shell. I didn’t feel those vibes at all tonight. Even if OSU would’ve lost. I would’ve given him kudos for at least trying.

  4. Backfoot played better than I expected him to. He’s not a refined product by any means, but this game he delivered the ball where it needed to go and he also didn’t turn it over.

  5. The defense came up huge in the 4th quarter. That might be the best they’ve played all season long against a P5 opponent. While 3rd and long still seemed to be an issue, they did what they needed to when it mattered.


I’ve got 10 thoughts myself.

  1. fck ou
  2. fck norman
  3. fck trace ford :snake::snake::snake:
  4. fck ou fans
  5. fck burnt vegetables
  6. fck ou again
  7. fck stutsman and his tshirt
  8. fck trailer parks
  9. fck skip bayless
  10. fck em again

Got to give credit where credit is do….good job gundy for the last bedlam win. Much enjoyed



Can anybody explain to me the 90-21-7 all time series record referenced? Everywhere else I see it as 91-20-7. Genuinely just curious because if there is another win we should be claiming I want to make sure I’m claiming every last one of them.

The content put out as of late has been :fire:. Thank you PFB staff for putting some really good stuff out there.


I believe in the 1970s that Ou has an ineligible player who played in Bedlam and years later it was deemed a forfeit, thus the variance in wins.

  1. OSU scored on the first drive and it was the first points scored on OU this year in the first quarter.
  2. Art of War: Attack them where they are not. If they are going to stack the box, then we had to throw. Bowman played outstanding. Is he elite ? No, but he played mistake free football and managed the game to the tune of 334 yards. He wasn’t even sacked in 42 pass attempts. Bowman’s biggest play was forcing Billy Bowman out of bounds after the Gordon pick.
  3. Ollie had a grinding game: 33-138 2 TDS
    Enough yards to win, but didn’t always look pretty.
  4. Saw Chuck had a 64t in first quarter then had 47 yards on his other 11 attempts for a 3.9 average. Walker came in and played well….why didn’t he play more?
  5. Rashod Owens had a Rashaun Woods type Bedlam game. Not 2002, but 2001.
  6. OSU won Bedlam for the first time since 2001 when scoring under 30 points.
  7. In the last 4 years OSU is 2-2 in Bedlam, Ou is 2-2 in Bedlam and Trace Ford is 1-3. Karma can haunt you.
  8. Regarding the no call Pass Interference on the Stoopian receiver in the end zone: not the Back Judge nor the Side Judge Nor Judge Judy provided any evidence of wrong doing. I believe Drake tripped on the massive Sooner elitist superiority complex of unrealistic expectations that was littered all over the field.
  9. After the game, we were at The Coney and a centipedian procession of students paraded part of the goal post through the patio bar. At first I filmed the event, but I was drawn to it like a moth to a light. I reached out and touched it and then I knew how a young Luke Skywalker felt when he first picked up a light saber.
  10. The Ghosts of Bedlam past were released today. The ghosts of Chris Rockins, Brent Parker, Garret Limbrick, Pat Jones, Jason Ricks, D’Juan Woods, Zac Robinson, Caleb Lavey, Justin Gilbert, Cornelius Taylor and many more. Their wispy memories no longer have to haunt the fields where they once played.

This morning, I bask in the day-after warm fuzzies of last night’s Bedlam win…

And, as I chuckle at OU fan rants, it occurs to me how beautiful this actually is. The Sooners, named after land thieves, basically scheme to cheat. Even their final offensive play was a designed pick play. But it didn’t work.

Debating whether or not I get a “27-24” tattoo this week…


Do it


If nothing else, I have new numbers for locking/unlocking my phone. :slight_smile:

  1. I have never been so happy being wrong (picked OU). One heck of a game.
  2. I’m still glad that this series is coming to an end.
  3. There were a few time I thought Gundy was going back into his shell but he didn’t. Got to give him major props for playing to win the game instead of playing not to lose.
  4. It’s absolutely crazy to think that OSU is in the driver’s seat to Arlington. I never thought it was possible to start the season and especially after we got blown out by South Alabama at home.
  5. GO POKES!!!

I can relate to #2. I lived in Norman for 2 years and was about a couple of miles from the stadium. It was a pain in the arse getting around town but on gamedays I stayed home because traffic was a nightmare. I was happy to move out lol.

I figured it had to be something like this.

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The 3rd quarter was bad offensively. I thought the defense did fine in that quarter only giving up one touchdown. We tried to jam it in the middle twice on 4th when it wasn’t there. You could see where OU was plugging the gaps where the guards are, and they also had edge rushers on each end to prevent Ollie from bouncing to the outside. A lot of times they presented a 5 man front. That’s why on the second try on 4th and short I was screaming at the TV on pitching it to Presley or Owens. OU had completely sold out for the run on both those and we could’ve easily convert for a first down.

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Yeah, I saw Skip’s tweet. He’s long been known to be a Sewerner sympathizer.

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Gotta give OU some credit for halftime adjustments and also making some plays.

Hats off to QB Bowman for delivering his best performance in our biggest game!

Let’s see this baby through to Arlington and a fond farewell to the Whorns.


After our 2011 bedlam victory, my favorite time of day became 9:16 am or pm, morning or night doesn’t matter because I can proclaim its 44 to 10!