10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 29-22 Loss to TCU

Not as long as Holder is the athletic director. He is loving watching gundy puke down his leg. It’s a golf school like Pat Jones says every time he can throw that in. Still no statue of your only Heisman trophy winner :joy:. What a joke this school is

It’s not really that difficult to understand why we lose to teams who are outmanned by our personnel, we keep getting OUTCOACHED! There’s little to no changes in our offense whatsoever.

If you are a D-coordinator as far as defending the passing game, 90% of our passes are around the sideline. We don’t throw Tylan anything besides jump balls, back-shoulder fades and go routes. We rarely throw to our 6’7" TE and if we do it’s a doofy straight route in the end zone, one of the easiest things to defend. Woods showed what he could do w/ the pass he caught earlier in the game. A frigging TE look-in for once???

Only play I saw which was different, a crossing route to Stoner which went for big yardage. Did we got back to it? Did we throw to a receiver running a slant, a post, a hook, anything in the middle? We do NOT attack the middle, it’s off limits. Does Gumby think defenses don’t get this, that they don’t want tape to see our tendencies???

Our run game isn’t much better. Any misdirection plays today? We’ll bunch our O-line most of the time when there’s a run play called, very easy to know when a run play’s gonna be called. Do we get our QB, who’s a good runner, in position with good RPO plays to make plays for good gains?

We have one of the most predictable offenses in the Big 12 and only win cause of our defense and the fact we have some of the best players in the conference. It’s a dang shame the coaching on the offensive side can’t figure it out. IMO Gumby’s handcuffing the play calling. No way Dunn would call such doofy plays…I would hope. We’ll never win another Big 12 title while Gumby is head coach.


Only action he got was the nice KO return. We can only run one jet sweep to him per season.


You were doing fine until you said Holder’s happy. I don’t think he’s a huge fan of Gumby and of course he doesn’t want us to lose. I just not sure he has the power to fire Mike, too many people drinking the Gumby Kool-Aid.

@travis1 It won’t, so we had better pray South Carolina or Tennessee believes third time’s the charm. Take your son w/ ya, Mike!

Without the injuries we would have won.
Regardless of winning or not there could be no argument against the fact that perhaps Casey Dunn is a victim of the Peter Principle. Great receivers coach that gets promoted to a position where he is not succeeding. Unbelievable bad play calling regardless of poor execution. Spencer Sanders was a great high school QB but seems to be able to only connect with Tylan Wallace. Can only convert one turn over into a TD. So Casey Dunn stunk and so did Spencer Sanders. This team should not be ranked in the top 25. Let’s not forget the decision to use only one RB. How will Gundy justify this? He will start out the press conference by reminding everyone how great of a coach Gary Patterson is and that he knew this game would be a challenge. At this point we have no great QB for the near future. Program not looking good.


No. Because there are far to many OSU fans out there that are fine with a conference finish anywhere from 4th to 9th. Everyone always talked about how Les Miles would never change at LSU, and eventually it got him canned. Well…Gundy is repeating that same exact process. His refusal to change in anything will be his downfall and recruiting will get worse.

From what I understand is that his contract ends in December 31, 2021. I doubt he retires because his son will be at OSU. The least he could do is go out on decent terms like Stoops did at OU and we can find a young innovative coach to take over the program while it’s still stable. I highly doubt that happens though because he still has it in his mind he’s best thing for OSU football and nobody could run it any better.

He’s become such a hit and miss coach I don’t even know what the hell I’m supposed to be observing from OSU football games. Are we K State on offense? Are we Texas Tech on offense? Which one is it? Because the offense looks like it wants to be one or the other throughout different times in the game.

The dude will play Texas like he has nothing to lose, and then turn around and play OU like he’s got the better team. It’s just so weird and strange I don’t even know what to think any more. One drive they look great and the next three drives will look like total dog crap. He’s totally went away from what made him successful his first few years and experimented with different things that have caused stagnation.

Have you seen how slow our plays progress once the ball is snapped? That’s because we’ve went away from recruiting the type of players and running the type of offense that made the 2011 OSU team a juggernaut. I don’t think many assistants stick around very long because they don’t like to be micromanaged by him. He’s like having a family member that overstays their welcome. Great to have around for a little while but gets annoying over time.

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No…no we wouldn’t have. You overestimate Gundy’s ability as a coach. This isn’t the same Gundy from 2005-2011. This Gundy has totally changed everything that made him successful, and ultimately it will be his downfall.

Here’s a thought: Gundy has to go. It should be obvious that this team has massively underperformed this year. What do we get from the head coach? A plethora of excuses. The big problems he needs to personally address are offensive play calling, talent misuse and a seeming lack of interest of being in the moment during games. These coaching weaknesses have continued to plague the Cowboys year after year as we consistent lose the big games to the likes of OU. Time to not settle for Alamo and Camping World Bowls anymore. Gundy needs to go.

There is nothing wrong with Gundy other than a need to rewrite the playbook. Every team knows what OSU is going to do. The team that Gundy assembled was good enough to win the conference if not for unbelievable amount of key injuries. It takes skilled players to execute and if they’re not playing due to injuries then you could have Nick Saban coaching this team and they would do no better than what we have seen. Gundy is here to stay. Spencer Sanders is not who everyone expected him to be and that has nothing to do with Gundy. Also, Gundy has not been the offensive coordinator calling plays for the last several years.

Hire me. I’ll coach the team for $500k/year.
I’ll open up the playbook. We don’t throw over the middle for some unknown reason. We don’t throw nearly enough to the TE/Cowboy backs. Right now, every offensive play is a hail mary or a run.
i won’t change the offense to fit the QB. the offense is the offense, and I’ll play the QB best suited to run it.
i love you dillon stoner, but you are not a punt returner. i appreciate you hardly ever muffing punts, but Pressley is the dude (unless someone else can do it better than Pressley).
i don’t know if Dunn is calling these horrible plays (we ran 3 QB keepers yesterday on 3rd and long)… if you are, you’re out.
the defense is beautiful. Jim will keep doing his thing.
i will not go into a turtle shell in the waining minutes of any half.
i will not go into a turtle shell just because the opposing team has “ou” on their jerseys.
so - you know how to reach me PFB


When you refuse to change from what isn’t working then that means there is something wrong with you. So to say there is nothing wrong with Gundy isn’t a true statement.

As far as Nick Saban goes. Here is what he did when he got to Alabama in 2007:

In 2007 he finished the season 7-6 with an Alabama team coming off a 4 year probationary period and reduced scholarships. He didn’t even have his own recruits yet. The following year he took Alabama to the SEC championship game and to a BCS bowl.

That’s the difference between a coach that’s won multiple conference and national championships and one that won a conference title nearly a decade ago. Gundy is 1-3 as a FAVORITE in the Bedlam series as well. He’s also 2-6 against Baylor since 2011. So to say there is nothing wrong with Gundy is a very big misconception.

Obviously you are content with 4th in the conference.

I think losing Tre Sterling for the 4th quarter was a big deal. Duggan did a lot of his damage on the ground after Sterling was no longer there to keep him corralled. That’s not excuse for the offense playing poorly but I really think this defense is only as good as its weakest link (I’m looking at you Christian Holmes) and with Sterling out it just added another place for the opposition to exploit. Jason Taylor has had some big plays this year but he’s not the tackler that Tre has been this year.