10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 29-22 Loss to TCU

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It’s hard to win with just one phase of football.

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My 10 thoughts

  1. Time for Gundy to go.
    2-10. See #1
  1. I keep saying it. Mike Gundy keeps coaching like it’s 2006 and the game has evolved since.

  2. Mike Gundy will never ever change his philosophy even if it were to benefit him. He’d rather lose than change.

  3. The result of winning the turnover battle and losing is bad coaching at its finest and an offense that looks like the 1995 version of an OSU offense.

  4. We can talk about injuries all we want, but the fact is Gundy has found ways to lose with some of the best teams he’s had.

  5. I said after the Bedlam loss this team would lose another game afterwards. So there was no point in even talking about them being involved in the Big 12 title race.

  6. Spencer Sanders can’t seem to throw an accurate deep ball to save his life. I don’t know why we even let him throw them when we know he isn’t good at them.

  7. I basically told everyone to not get excited about the 50 point showing against Tech. Looks like TCU proved me right.

  8. Good things seem to happen when we pitch the ball to Jelani Woods. Before the Bedlam game he had 6 total catches on the year. He is probably going to end up in the NFL and we just wasted him the entire year.

  9. We got to see what the kicking game will look like in the future. I wonder if we’ll ever hire a special teams coach again in the Gundy era.

  10. They got out to a 13-0 lead in the first 7 minutes of the game. Then as always Gundy got outcoached once again against a team that probably has a worse passing game than we do. Plus we won the turnover battle by a wide margin.


Good points Joe15, but your point about Jelanie I just can’t get in line with. He had a catch and made a nice run after the catch. The biggest opportunity he had the ball went of his skillets for hands for a pick.

Did I miss Presley on a jet sweep?


The guy is what? 6 7 or 6 8? He had to jump and fully extend to get the hands near the ball. Yeah he blew it but ■■■■ that ball wasn’t even close.

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I don’t think his feet got 2 inches off the ground. I think we see why he doesn’t play basketball. He can’t jump.

I’m still waiting for Robert to reply what was so awesome about Gundy and the way the game was coached today.

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Accountability… apparently there is none.


I agree Jelani had to jump, but the ball still hit his hands. Was the catch difficult yes. My point is if the coaching staff thought this guy had nice hands they would throw to him more. We can complain about not using the TE but they see this guy everyday in practice.

Kacey Dunn/Spencer Sanders is the most mediocre QB/OC combo of the Gundy era.

Another poorly coached game. Who is calling the plays? How many offensive sets were run Jackson up the middle two times in a row then put it in Spencer’s hands for another poorly called play (screen, QB run, etc.). I just don’t get it. This has Gundy’s prints all over it.

We have completely abandoned the air raid all together.

If you told me we were going to get 3 turnovers and lose this game I would have laughed at you. But Gundy snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

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Apparently they don’t do anything everyday in practice based on what I’ve seen so far this season.

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One more game, where I think Illingsworth would have won it for us. Sanders wasn’t getting anything done. What is the big friggin hesitation to mixing things up and bringing in another QB for a set of downs to change the pace???


That was my take away from this game, Gundy doesn’t trust him but continues to play him.

Frankly, I am disgusted with our coaching at this point. We have talent and the coaches are totally screwing this up for the players.

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I’ve been on the fire Gundy bandwagon for over 4 years now. His coaching regresses and it doesn’t get any better. His stubbornness to force what he wants to run rather than using what’s tried and true will be the eventual downfall of the football program and himself.

Has there been anything you’ve seen at all consistent about this team or Gundy since the end of the 2017 season? I mean…this is a dude that was down 13 with less than 5 minutes to go in the game at Texas in 2019 and he kept trying to run draws with Hubbard when he had been getting stuffed nearly the entire game.

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3? Try 5 turnovers

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I pledge $100 for gundy’s buy out for who ever is collecting it. Gundy is just an embarrassment for this university. I thought his worst coaching ever was the ou game but this ■■■■ dude is proving he is just -a bad football coach period. I bet Holder is loving this lol. I will pledge $200 for Holders removal.

Setting aside whether Gundy should be fired at the end of the season (and I am in favor of it), does anyone actually think it will happen? I will be very surprised.