10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 34-17 Victory against Arizona State

Originally published at: 10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 34-17 Victory against Arizona State | Pistols Firing

On OSU’s defense, Spencer Sanders’ performance and more.

2 big issues we had lasy year

1 scoring late. 14 points in the forth.

2 red zone i believe were at 100% we did get our first red zone fg.

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“Two things Mike Gundy doesn’t stand for: running backs who fumble and literally anyone who commits a penalty. We shall see when his next shot comes.”

As far as I’m concerned his ess can take his next shot at Vanderbilt next season when he transfers back. Dude looked like he did what he could to make sure the offense went backwards instead of forward.


So far my prediction of baylor is offensively challenged is rite. Only 20 ponits not even 300 yatds in a double over time game.

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We were offensively challenged against Tulsa and Missouri State last season as well. Did we not still make it to the conference title game? There is a difference between playing Missouri State and Tulsa at home compared to playing against a Top 25 team in Provo, Utah.

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I know you think deflection is a strong debate move.

When i told you baylor was offensively challenged proir to this game, did you argue that point. No, you dismissed me. Told me dave knows what he is doing.

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Enough if the arguing though. My thoughts on the game:

  1. Sanders wasn’t great, but thought he was just above average.

  2. Dominic Richardson had a solid game. Pretty much got us yards when we needed it.

  3. Offense looks like it still needs to get some timing issues down, and the receivers did drop a few catches that hit them on point.

  4. Sanders threw a couple of passes that were either over the top of the receiver or just undercut them. He needs to get better.

  5. Besides some stupid penalties I thought the offensive line did okay.

  6. First quarter looked like crap. Hope we don’t come out flat like that in Waco.

  7. Had me a little concerned when ASU made it a three point game. If we score 7-10 points in the first quarter like we probably should’ve this game most likely stays out of reach the entire game.

  8. I thought the defensive line was solid once again. Can’t really complain about anything they did besides maybe giving up the 30 yard run on the very first play of the game.

  9. It was obvious in the first quarter our defense was watching where players were going instead of the football. Recognition of play development could be better.

  10. Overall a good win. There are some things we do have to work on, but I’m not as concerned about the first part of this season like I was last season.


I agree with Marshall: on a weird college Saturday….we won. That norman team looked terrible at the half. Sure, we are not going to cancel practice, but winning is everything. Arizona St looked very average or worse: 6-6 maybe. Our d line is unbelievable. Ford looked like different player tonight: he was a wrecker!


I know this won’t happen but I would be tempted to start all my back up’s next week against pine bluff except for a few young guys on defense who need the reps. Give everyone 2 weeks to get healthy and prepare for Baylor and give your young guys 1 whole game of actual experience. Plus they would probably play harder than our 1’s against someone like pine bluff and just avoid injury.


Im with you. Brother.

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I’ve got a feeling we may revert back to last year’s offense now that we found our running back. Hopefully we don’t get too complacent with it and know when to uptempo rpo it. Great win, defense looks slightly improved. Would had liked to seem some of that A&M kid.

Whats good to see is we can go with the run or pass.

I think its more upon the defense we face on what offense we run with.

Teams like ksu and baylor we will pass more.


I think it’ll be a combination of last year and then old OSU football. We’re going to go a lot more hurry up than what we did last year but I hope our defense gets good enough where we can win multiple ways


At the very least pull as many starters as quickly as we can so the back ups can get more reps.


I’m down with that. Our O.C. makes me cringe sometimes against certain teams and situations. Our QB is talented in my opinion.

I didn’t argue the point because you never even mentioned it. I’m just pointing out to you that we were offensively challenged for most of the year last season. We still found a way to the conference title game. You do know it’s not just Oklahoma State who’s the only team in the conference allowed to get better, right?

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Would love to see our 2nd teamers get some experience and reps next game as well.

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I’d say this is a pretty accurate statement. They might be a game better than that.

No thanks!!! Get a big lead first and then fire them out there. I don’t want to be the next Texas A&M or Notre Dame in week 3.

You dif argue the point. First you didnt believe me . Second you believe in dave

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