10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 41-34 Victory against Texas

Originally published at: 10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 41-34 Victory against Texas | Pistols Firing

On Spencer Sanders, defensive adjustments and more.

Thought #11 is Fuuuuck Texass


And @firegumby.

Glad they came back like that. I didn’t think they could do it. They deserve the win.

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And the OSU-Texas game ball :football: goes to… (drum roll please)… QUINN EWERS!! Yes, the UT qb was the most valuable player in our win over Texas. Way too much credit to our DC for shutting down Texas when Ewer’s erratic and inaccurate throws were their downfall. We should have been running goal line defense over the whole field to stop their running attack because every other throw of Ewer’s was so off target!! (so off target that neither the receiver or the covering db could make a play on the ball)

We did play gritty and we did get the win. Now, we can only hope that we don’t jump out to a big lead on KSU but actually have to come from behind so that Gundy & Co. (coaching staff) have to keep trying to score on offense rather than eat clock in the second quarter.

Nice win, Texas is so dysfunctional… it almost feels wrong. lol GO POKES!!! :cowboy_hat_face: :football: :cowboy_hat_face: :football: :cowboy_hat_face:

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Glad our defense made adjustments. Mason showed he was willing to do than and play less zone while bringing some pressure. Those flat routes was killing us and setting up the deep balls. I have mad respect for Bijan.


Big game next week, need to go take care of business.


You gutless little slug.

You don’t think that had anything to do with our defensive front hounding him? He got rid of those balls pretty quick. I think he took a couple of hits and decided he didn’t want any of it.

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Some were hounded throws, some were clean pockets… and both resulted in his getting the game ball!!

Of course I think some of our players helped him get his award. Nobody in a team sport that is singled out for distinction doesn’t owe others some gratitude. lol

Go pokes!! I just got to point out the unwillingness to change because of seniority on part of gundy is crazy. Put Nixson in over Richardson only because of injury and turns the jets on for more yards than Richardson had in all of his time on the field in one play yet win asked by the media what the issue is and if there needs to be a change in personal he said no. He preceded to tell the media that he’s fine and it’s the offensive line that needs improvement but it’s not Richardson’s fault. Gundy has to drop this mental block. Gundy also had to go to the middle of the field on critical 3rd down conversions to keep ball moving. He’s unwillingness to do this one thing because he’s to afraid of getting players hurt so it’s go long on the outside and throw a jump ball is easy to cover if you don’t have elite athletic receivers and easier to cover because you don’t have to cover the hole field. Gundy has to not only beat the team in front of him but also beat himself. One championship in 18 years. When gundy let’s his OC’s use the hole field and plays guys based on skill vs seniority in my opinion we would be looking at a lot more conference championships not just one


Blah blah blah, different day same braindead rambling of a froth-mouthed buffoon.

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Awe. That’s not nice.

Well, you earned it, worm.

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I am still not impressed. It was a good win. Is it ironic that Johnson is wearing 17? Looked like Stoner out there.

No. I don’t think you know what irony means.

If we knock K-State off, we have a strong chance of running the table. KU, WVU, OU, and ISU are all bottom half of the conference teams. None of those games are gimmes, but we should win if we show up and compete. That back half of the conference is a lot easier than the front half of our schedule.

Injuries are stacking up and that’s concerning, but going 3-1 vs. the Texas teams has put us in a good position to go back to the conference championship.

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