10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 43-30 Victory against Houston

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On Presley, Gordon and two back-breaking moments from Houston.

So after checking the nifty sim site now that Texas and K-State won…all we have to do is win and we clinch no matter what. The rest of the teams play for their spot. That being Texas and Oklahoma mainly. If Texas loses and Iowa State beats K-State it says we are out and OU plays Texas so they could decide to screw us but Texas would be out of a shot for the playoff. So i doubt it unless they lay an egg as it is Tech they play. Ideally OU loses somehow Texas losing wwon’t matter anymore.

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Honestly I can’t see K-State losing to Iowa State and Texas has Tech at home. I think if we take care of BYU (:grimacing:) we’re in

Even if texas loses, we are in IF we beat byu (According to this site simulator mred's Big 12 FB Standings Generator)
Correction! When running scenarios, I never ran one where OSU and ou are the only top 4 teams to win. That would leave us out and stuck with a rrr rematch. So we need to Win And root for texas and or kstate.


Would be real nice if the Big 12 would just come out with what the deal is instead of people trying to understand what the poorly written tie breakers actually mean.


Luckily next season we won’t have to deal with this fiasco, and it should be straightforward and simple.

  1. If you know the plan is to stop Ollie then keep sticking it to Owens and Presley.

  2. Glad we won, but gotta stop with the slow starts. You won’t be able to do that against Texas.

  3. While the defense did a lot better in the second half our secondary coverage is still really bad. It has been all season, and it’s amazing how we haven’t really placed any strategies in place to lower our chances of getting beat on big plays.

  4. Oliver needs more involvement in a rushing attack than being placed in coverage. That’s not who he is. The entire first half we rush three most of the game while Oliver and Martin would sit back and spy. Our secondary coverage isn’t good enough to allow a QB more than three to four seconds to find a man down the field, and we’re not good enough on a three man rush to cause pressure. Luckily in the second half Nardo realized this and adjusted accordingly.

  5. I told you guys Dunn isn’t the one calling the plays. Because once that role is given back to him. He finds a way to screw it all up. The game last week and the first 22 minutes of this game made that evident. If you think Dunn was calling the plays in Bedlam or during the second half against Houston you aren’t paying close enough attention to the games.


So who is calling the plays?

Mr. Not creative guy.

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Gundy. Think about how well we did after the South Bama debacle. Then it turned right back around to being the same last week. There’s no use in having Dunn as an OC if he can’t become an OC. Might as well save the money and put it into the recruiting budget.

No way Gundy is calling the plays. He’s on the sidelines with his hands in his pockets. He will override a play now and then but that is the extent of it.

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He used to. Until he found out finally that his OC sucks and will cause him to lose games.

Bill18 is calling the plays. He watches the games with a headset on and screams out a play right as the ball is snapped. He’s the new OC……Overbearing Complainer