10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 45-3 Loss to UCF

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An inexplicable loss in Orlando.

What do Klieman, Aranda, Campbell, Brown, Leipold, Venables, and Satterfield all have in common? They were at least able to score a touchdown against UCF. Go ahead and think about that for a moment.

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Did you want Dunn to throw the towel in and run the clock out? OSU didn’t pound the rock because they never had the time to do it. This was an abysmal day for the defense.


While that’s true, last time I checked we didn’t get a single touchdown in this game. Looks like Alex Hale was our hero in this one :man_shrugging:.

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Well that has to be a first on this forum

Just to set the record straight, Ollie Gordon is out of the Heisman race. It’s over. Right now the leaders are Penix, Nix and Daniels. They are pulling away from the pack.

Wow, Poor A** showing by the Pokes in general but I’m really left holding my bag after the poor showing by Bowman. Shouldn’t have run my mouth lol. I mean nobody at all played well but still. 3 picks (1 or 2 were off wr hands but no excuses). I am happy to eat crow. Still think he is the best option going forward which is what is scary lol

Oh well, hopefully we bounce back, win out and give ourselves a chance to get into the title game.

For sure he is and Corum didn’t do him any favors either as really the only other RB that was in the race with his 140 yards and 2 td’s on the big stage vs a top 10 Penn State. Still in line for the Doak Walker, which OSU has never had.

Although the voters will probably lean more towards Corum in that race too.