10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 47-7 Victory against Kansas

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OSU’s defense reigns supreme.

Marshall wasn’t born when Kansas U. was a power house in the Big 8 conference. Bobby Douglas as QB. I remember watching on tv KU vs. Penn State in a really important New Years Day night bowl game, probably the Orange Bowl in the 1960’s. Kansas State in those days was the doormat of the Big 8, but never KU. It was OU, Nebraska and KU in the top tier of the Big 8. Kansas St., Iowa St. and OSU fighting to stay out of the very bottom. And I think the staff of PFB when talking about some of the best QB’s that OSU has had, fail to mention how great Mike Gundy was in the Big 8. That is probably because they either were not born yet when he played or else they were too young to remember seeing him play. Our kicker Hale got the praise he deserves today, but I thought Hutton had another really good game punting.

Are you guys not going to broach the question of whether Sanders should replace Illingworth? How about a comparison of the two? I am sure Sanders will start when he is healthy, but how much leash should he have before we go to Illingworth?

Sanders was average at best last year, and more concerning, did not seem to improve as the season progressed. The Oregon State game was by far his most impressive. Statistically, he was not much better than Dru Brown. Sanders actually reminds me of Bobby Reid more than any other OSU quarterback. I think Illingworth will take his job at some point. It is only a question of when.

In case you guys didn’t see OU lost 37-30.

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What I need Illingworth to do is prove to me he can run when needed and avoid defenders. He’s really slow on his feet for a QB and if your going to go with Illingworth you need a really good OL for pass protection. The OL gave up two sacks to Kansas today. I know it’s Kansas but their defense isn’t good at all.

I’ll say Illingworth is proving to be a serviceable QB. I just think you need a QB with the run game like Sanders has to force the defense to account for another element of the offense. We got to see SS in one offensive drive this season. So we truly don’t know if he’s just the way he was last season or if he’s truly improved.

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Try to move to the 80’s ku and ksu would play each other to see who got a win. One yr in the Aggieville the torched a bug after there win next two yrs goal post came down. At ksu they parade it now thur Aggieville ku’s went the pond. AlI over one win each.

I have maybe not this site. Sanders couldn’t hit the long pass( two or 3 yds away) turnovers. Yes I have compared him to bobby.i have also said that of the 2 like watts and Randolph. He couldn’t go thur his progression. They act like he is better.

I agree with you, Joe. Illingworth is not without his draw backs and we have not seen him against great competition yet. From what I have seen, he looks very talented but also very green. We will have an opportunity to see how much Sanders has improved in a few weeks, but I do not have high expectations. Maybe he will prove me wrong.

10 things I learn this weekend 1 ou could have 3 losses or 2 losses each for texas ou. 2 people keep say we haven’t beat anytime tu( #11) wv both won. 3 even tho we had a 40 road con win. Game that really almost fauless ( I know ku) people will still ride Gundy like pony. 4 texas can play ugly football. 5 we r the last undefeated team. ( I know we haven’t played anyone) 6 osu ksu isu are on the top of the league ( very odd) 7 good news osu wouldn’t have buy out miles contract (lmao) 8 did I I say ou could have 3 losses next week. (For all keep score at home riley and miles r a combine 1 and 5). 9 ksu and tech both lost qb. 10 Im glad I’m not miles.

Texas 7-9
K State 4-9
T Tech 4-11
Baylor 3-13
TCU. 2-9
Iowa State 2-11
OK State 2-13
WVU 1-8
Kansas 0-12
Record against OU in the last 15 years.

I love the fact that this could be a real situation! We have always been better with a pocket passer instead of a dual threat qb… Ya, Zack Robinson was awesome… As was said earlier, Illingworth needs to be a little lighter on his feet but I think he is doing a great job as a true freshman. I want Sanders to be the guy we think he is but he was not that guy last year! GO POKES!

I think this is a good question that should be a topic of discussion. In my opinion Sanders is the much more dynamic player, but if he continues to show he can’t take care of the football then I think Illingworth is the better option. Illingworth only has 1 more game he can play, after that he burns his redshirt. Which I’m fine with, you have to play to win now! I think Sanders should start in 2 weeks vs. Baylor and have a medium to short leash. If Sanders throws an interception or puts the ball on the ground early I think Illingworth should get a chance. Maybe use both like Rudolph/Walsh. Competition makes everyone better. L.D. is putting pressure on Chuba and Chuba seemed to elevate his game. I am expecting Sanders to elevate his game because Illingworth has shown he is more than capable of commanding the offense. How about the defense? I am having a lot of fun watching them fly around. It’s a nice feeling to not need 40 points every game to win.


I agree with all of this. The redshirt thing is not an issue though, since this year will not count against anyone’s eligibility. I love the idea of using Illingworth/Sanders like we did Rudolph/Walsh. It would require some humility on Sanders’ party, but he seems like a great team player.

I would think all osu fans would smile that ou 1-2 and be 1-3. We all know ou is the big fish in our lil pond. I can’t remember if texas won the natty before Gundy or his first year. So the league is 1-14 or 0-15 ( ou none)., another meaningless stat. Ou still 1-2 and I’m warm inside this week. That bad tu win also helped us this weekend, when tu beat #11. Helped in two ways. I would love to beat ou, but I’m not going to look across the fence chewing my cud wish I was in a new pasture. But, if u have this great plan get with coach holder. Or be happy for the weekend.

where’s Deondrick Glass?
We played 4 or 5 RB’s yesterday. You telling me Glass is 5th or 6th string??

I must have saw and forgot about eligibility not being lost for all Fall sports. Crazy year! I was for using Illingworth as needed even if 4 game redshirt rule was in effect. Since he won’t lose a year no matter what all the more reason you play who gives you the best chance to win now. The competition at the QB spot should make us better as a team. I would like to see Sanders secure the spot. I agree that Sanders appears to be a team guy and will do whatever is necessary to win. He is so explosive and you don’t want to take that away from him, but at this level you have to protect the football. I’m excited to see what the rest of the season has in store.

Talks too much, only does some of the right things, doesn’t sufficiently love his momma

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Depends on what formations OSU wants to run a majority of the time. If your going to run a double back or diamond formation a lot then Illingworth is probably who you want back there. I think with Illingworth you’ll want an extra blocker or two and give him the opportunity to bomb it deep.

Now if your going to do a single back formation with a lot of screen passing then SS is probably the QB you want taking the snaps. I think SS is probably more geared towards the RPO and short passing game. Last season it seemed like most of his picks were from him throwing long passes.

If Gundy is so adamant in running the football then we might was well switch to the triple option with Sanders taking the snaps, and get down the field 3-4 yards at a tile while burning 10 minutes on the clock with an eventual pass attempt or two every quarter.

Texas was the last Big 12 team to win a national title. That was Gubdy’s first year as HC at OSU I. 2005.

I think all OSU fans are smiling but when you bring up Gundy’s record against OU the OSU fans seem to think no one else has done better. Just everyone but kansas.