10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's Blowout Win over Baylor

Weve had 4 backs go over 100. Is that Gundy’s great recruiting or his offensive plan.

If he were great at recruiting and had an offensive game plan then we would’ve scored more than 15 offensive points against TCU. Especially when his defense forces 5 turnovers and scores a touchdown for him.

Thought u were sick. Lmao u r funny.:cowboy_hat_face:

Keep ignoring the TCU games I guess.

I didn’t Jackson had more then a hundred

We also scored 15 offensive points and forced 5 turnovers. Apparently you ignored that and won’t speak on it.

Baylor held OU to their worst yardage total in half a decade with 23 players out last week. Whining after OSU outgained Baylor by 450 yards looks silly. At some point you gotta stop complaining about every little thing.

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