10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's Blowout Win over Baylor

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The Cowboys were dominant despite being down their two best playmakers.

I will never give baylor credit for anything. They shouldn’t be allowed to have an athletics department, much less a football team.

Love rubbing their cheating/morally bankrupt noses in it


“Agree with that decision or not, it’s his to make and trashing him is about as silly as it gets.”

Who is trashing him? I haven’t seen anyone really trashing him for making this decision. I could personally care less if he plays or doesn’t play since this season doesn’t matter.

Also, Arkansas finished the season 3-7. So how exactly are they going to make a bowl game?

My ten points
We did need Hubbard again. (Richardson)
People we worried about no Wallace (stoner)
Offense over came 2 sanders pic and his stumbling 4th down.
Defense outstanding
I’ve been waiting for woods to qb
Everyone was wrong on prediction
Alot were wrong about a 4th place finish
Great win and love it poor Baylor not
Great game for naysayers of Gundy and dunn
Great day to be a cowboy

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Joe this is the 10 thought article not the Hubbard one.

The first of the 10 thoughts is about Hubbard

Oh well still there is a whole article on it. It’s just joe anyway

They don’t throw that much to Jelani because he has dropped some balls that should have been caught. That would be the only valid reason for not using him more as a receiver. I guess with his size his biggest asset for the team is blocking. With Baylor using so many 4th string players OSU really should have put up at least 60 points. Hate to see those injuries to Trace Ford and Holmes. I would have put Ilingworth into the game earlier to give him more experience for next season. The way Sanders runs so much there is always the possibility of injury. So Ilingworth needs the work. Because of covid and injuries this was not the same Baylor defense that played great against OU.Best thing about the game is that we have another running back for the near future. Chuba did not need to aggravate his injuries by playing today and then in a bowl game. He made the right decision.

Sorry but it was the same defense ou saw. The # of sick were mainly off. Players. Any not all them were players . But go ahead make excuses for ur bears. If like alot of r guys who were injured is one thing. The people in waco chose to get the virus. Lack of discipline by players and coaches. But stick up for them. But in ur mind they will be in the champ game next yr. One thing I found disturbing is all the cowboys u put down by u simple talk. Ur old enough to know this. But ur bears lost sorry for u

If you think some minor ankle injury is what “dinged” his draft stock, you are delusional.

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Great…!? So Gundy finally hangs some points on the board against a 2 win program missing 3/4 of their coaching staff and the majority of its starters… not impressed. Hanging 42 on KU part 2 does not in any way makeup for finishing 3rd in conference AGAIN, during the most down year the Big12 has seen in years!. Gundy seems to only have a since of urgency on the field when the rest of us finally start questioning his coaching ability… to bad it never seems to come against a decent opponent

Win or not, It’s always a good day to be a COWBOY!


Completely should have hung 70 on this Baylor team. They had walk on cornerbacks playing and missing 47 players and coaches so I take nothing from this game. And why the hell does gundy always bring all the tricks out after we play ou? Gundy going to gundy🙄


Nobody, and I mean nobody on this planet has CHOSEN to get the virus! That’s reprehensible, dude. It just is. Somebody please back me up on this one.

LSU has self-imposed bowl ban this season. Won’t be the Tigers.

By not having or following or a poor protocol. Is choosing to get the virus.
The rumor why those to ol got kick off the team was they want a virus party. To get it before the season started.
Every time u see some with out a mask or just doing stupid stuff they r choosing to get the virus
I’m not a doctor I just play one on this site​:innocent::sneezing_face::face_vomiting::face_with_head_bandage::face_with_thermometer::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face:

Yeah I’m not putting much stock in this. Baylor was 2-6 and missing a lot of players and coaches. Against this poor of a team Sanders still threw two interceptions, the kid just can’t help himself. I’m happy for the win but it’s not like we beat a top shelf team.

Because the NCAA lifted all restrictions for bowl eligibility.

Earth to Kyle: in 1985, not only was Mike Gundy the Midwest City varsity starting qb…he won the class 5A state title.

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