10 Thoughts on Rickie Fowler and Matthew Wolff's Charity Match

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On tie-dye shoes and absolute bombs from two of OSU’s best.

Wolff was clearly nervous at the beginning. He even said so during in his interview later in the match. It made me nervous just watching him. But the more holes they played, the more comfortable he became. I thought his long birdie putt on 18 was going in. He steps up under pressure. I am excited to see what he will be like in ten years.
Overall, I enjoyed the entire match. I wish the results were in Rickie and Matthew’s favor, but they both played well in the end. It was a great four hour commercial for OSU golf, with 2 great ambassadors.

The biggest takeaway I had was it was typical Fowler playing well throughout until it was nut cutting time. A 120 yard shoot and he shanks it right about 20 yards off the green. I hope this guy can get over the hump and go win 4 or 5 majors.

Four or five? I’d take one. Only 19 people have every won five.

Rickie is highly regarded and has the game to be a multiple major champion. In his short career how many times has he finished in the top 5 of majors. It’s not a stretch to think he could win 4. If he can get the first major I could see him running off a few more. Hefty lefty was in a similar situation before he got over the hump.

Golf was dominated by a dozen super stars for decades. In today’s world the kids are incredibly talented and ready to win. In the last 10 years we’ve seen Spieth, Thomas, Rory, and Koepka win multiple majors. I believe this trend will continue as the young guns keep going and are ready to win.

Which is why Rick hasn’t won. Those guys are still there along with more studs that have come up. One would be amazing for him. 5 would be unbelievable

Those guys are incredible, but so is Ricky Fowler. Ricky was right there several times, but seems to make a critical error that takes him out of the hunt. I saw a guy yesterday who kicked DJ and Rory’s butt, but when it was all on the line he didn’t take his own advice and step up and make shot. I’m pulling for Ricky because he’s a great guy with as much talent as anybody on the tour.

Yes, he is great. But there’s only one winner. That’s why winning even one major is so cool. He may do it, he may not.

And to the point of the last shot, he carried Wolff all day. Had one missed shot while trying to dial it in and hit the pin basically.