20-21 starting lineup

Its been talked about some but I want to hear everyone’s thoughts on the way too early starting 5 for next year (or rather, this year). And if you feel so inclined, make a second unit also.

It’s a good question.

PG: Cade
SG: Ice
SF: Flavors? Keylan?
PF: Kalib
C: Yor

I don’t envision a scenario in which they play anything other than a 3-guard lineup. Whether that’s Cade, Ice and AA or Ice, AA and Flavors. You’re almost always going to have to have three guards out there (unless they land Thor?)

Starting 5
PG: Cade
SG: Ice
SF: Flavors (most likely) / Key / MAM
PF: Thor (if we get him) / Key or MAM (if no Thor)
C: Yor

Second Unit
PG: Avery
SG: Rondel / Harris
SF: Cade (don’t see him coming off the floor much)
PF: Key / MAM
C: Kalib

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With the 3-guard set (I agree), do you think there will really be a dedicated PG? I can see Ice and Cade both handling the ball depending on where the first outlet pass can be made… I know you need some structure, but I can see a lot of flexibility as well.

I think the biggest issue with any lineup next year is 3-pt shooting. We have one proven shooter in Flavors, and people assume that Cade will be average and Rondel will be above average, if he gets much playing time. We need at least two other guys to improve to be able to space the floor for Ice and Cade. You start going down the line the 3-pt % for those guys from last year or high school/AAU and there is a lot of room for improvement.

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If we get Thor, we’ll have basically a KD clone who can take big guys out to the perimeter.

True and from his highlights he does look good from outside. I wasn’t considering him yet as he hasn’t committed, but I agree that he would really help with spacing. He will be a matchup nightmare.

Nope nope nope nope

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A poor man’s KD, yes. You can call him “Cloned Cupcake”.

Like… Broke as **** mans KD. :joy: Don’t pretend like KD wasn’t/isn’t one of the best shooters ever. :wink:

Dude, YES! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I’m not disagreeing with that. I’m saying Thor is a player in the vein of KD, meaning KD was the inspiration, and Thor is a dude who mimics him. There are many young guys out there who can do what KD can. They just can’t do it at the same level.

6’9"-7’0" skinny guy, who is pretty mobile, who can shoot from outside, mismatch nightmare. That’s what Thor is.


When you go in to KD clone, it seems to be you’re saying he’s KD. He’s not, nobody is. :man_shrugging:t2: And quite frankly… nobody is even close.

He may be that type but don’t call him a clone chimpy :wink:

Ok, fine, he’s not a clone. He was inspired by KD. There. :expressionless:

I feel much better now.

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I mentioned mine replying to an article but I think it went something like this:



I like Flavors off the bench like Dizzy off the bench. I think Keylan can make the jump next year but I would have loved to get him more playing time this post season. Walker is the 2nd highest rated recruit right now and I am admittedly not giving him enough credit, but I don’t know what he can offer just yet. And Hidde needs to be a serviceable sub at C next year. Keylan and Hidde are big developmental keys for next seasons success.

I don’t know how they will play it. I would assume Ice mostly will be PG because he doesn’t add anything from the wing. He has to pass or drive unless he develops a jumpshot in the off season :pray:

Well, Ice should have plenty of time on his hands to develop that jump shot.

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It should be 2-tiered and start with working on free throws.

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My thoughts exactly.


Anderson replaces Cade or Ice anytime they come out. 2 and 4 spot have all the competition. Kalib and Yor at the 5 will be very strong for 40 minutes.