2019 Uniform Rankings

If you guys haven’t noticed I care about Uniforms. I wanted to beat @kyleporterCBS to this so I thought I’d give my rankings for the season.

  1. Cowboy Battalion Unis - Just flat out awesome
  2. Homecoming O-O-W - love the throwback helmet. The new Orange helmet is fantastic
  3. Tulsa W-W-O - Love the standing Pete helmet w/orange or black Facemask (VaTech)
  4. A&M W-W-W - cleanest stormtrooper look. I’m a sucker for the all whites.
  5. Oregon St. W-W-W - Loved the new glossy brand.
  6. Bedlam B-O-B - Classic Bedlam look.
  7. West Virginia P-W-B - Personally like the Paisley Helmet, but I know not everyone does. Looks better without the orange barbed wire stripe.
  8. TCU P-B-B - Loved the switch to the Brand on the paisley. Again Black facemask is the best for paisley.
  9. K-State B-B-O - Another solid look. Not spectacular but looks good.
  10. Tech W-W-B - Personally love W-W-B and the badge, but I guess the game left a bad taste in my mouth.
  11. Texas O-W-B - I wanted to rank this higher. Perfection in person, not as good on TV. Absolutely love the switch from chrome to regular paint.
  12. Iowa St. B-W-G - Looks good with the chrome brand.
  13. McNeese St. B-G-G - I wish the grey uniforms had black numbers would look much better.

Overall the EQ staff did a great job putting together the uniforms this year. They switched the paint on the orange helmet. We now use the same people as Oregon does. I thought it came out fantastic. Changing the paisley a bit was also another great decision. We look great every week.

Wanted to see what y’all’s rankings were if you care about uniforms or even if you don’t.


Usually wouldn’t put a road uni number one, but I LOVED the Tulsa uniform. Probably homecoming 2, Bedlam 3 and Cowboy Battalion 4. Mcneese last. After that they all kinda blend in. Way better year than some in the past.

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That Texas helmet in person was amazing! I search every week for it to be released so I can buy it for my office.

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