2021-2022 Basketball Season Thread

Dribble you are the new Nazi in this lost society of liberal ignoramuses.

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Sure thing bud.

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So what’s your justification on listing a bunch of white players from different positions? Would love to hear your reasoning before I put your dumbass on ignore for good.

Why did you call me a racist? What proof do you have? I probably made a mistake by jumping to conclusions and calling you a Nazi. I withdraw that comment and apologize. The written word is so stark and emotionless.

You sound really stupid calling me a Nazi.

So explain yourself - why did you suggest a bunch of white players from various positions be a part of a black coaches team?

Those guys he list all improved over there time.

Not get on okie if the hue of the team is one way.
Has boynton even offered a nonblack player a scholarship.

I don’t know dumbass - does Bryant Reeves son count?

Don’t hide behind it. That’s not why those players were listed.

Sean Pedulla, offered
Matthew Stone, offered

Pretty much any top player in the state gets an offer

Bryant reeves son was a walkon. God knows who the dumbess is.

And that would be you.

Ur really pushing this. Boynton seems to know what buttons to push. Give a legends son a ride. Hire a legends son. Hire a exlegend. Offer local kids.

How does a middle level 3 star from king fisher goes to North Texas over osu.

I’m sure he makes those new York kids more wanted then those 2 u mention. That one sean has more 3’s then anyone on the team.

It’s really weird Boynton can pull high recurits but can land local kids.

I didn’t push it. I gave you facts to combat your racism.

Thats funny I was pointing out that there mite be an issue with racism. Just it’s not me.
The trey deal is the same as Mitchell if u got a scholarship give to the the walkons.
Trey didn’t need it.
Both those two got good coverage.
The one kid Sean will be interesting to watch over the coming years.

He inherent a white and native American have seen anything since. Reminds me of Thompson and Hamilton.

I’m from far from racist. I like boynton he says the rite stuff. But as a coach he needs to make sure he gets the best players for osu. This is the least of button’s faults as a coach.

You’re on ignore going forward.

Thank u

I’ve watched Baylor twice in the last week. This caught my eye: on the Baylor bench there are no less than 15 coaches/managers. Literally, Baylor has enough staff for a 1:1 ratio with the players on their roster.

Back in the day, you had a head coach, an assistant, a manager and MAYBE one more assistant.

Thats weird. The players sit back in the locker room. Lmao.
That would work for sutton, he would want to walk that farvto yell at tge kids on the bench​:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:

https://twitter.com/marshalllevy14/status/1484313804766736386?s=21 Peak OSU getting hosed.

NCAA can’t stomach the thought of the money-hemorrhaging that would come from a fair punishment for Kansas or other blue-bloods. So they reverse course….I sports-hate them soooo much!!!

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