2021-2022 Basketball Season Thread

Free hot takes.

We’ll finish above KU in the B12 standings

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Elite 8 next year. See you guys at GIA.



How is Boynton going to get playing time for all the players he has on this team?

I counted 14 players that could legitimately expect to see major PT:

Avery Anderson - Bryce Thompson - Chris Harris - Donovan Williams - Rondel Walker - Matthew Alexander-Moncrieffe - Isaac Likekele - Bryce Williams - Keylan Boone - Kalib Boone - Tyreek Smith - Woody Newtown - Moussa Cisse - Bernard Kouma.

Nice problem to have!

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I’m not sure how he will but I think he’s the kind of guy that can manage it. If everything goes to plan there will be 2-4 guys leaving for the nba next year opening up bigger roles for some guys to fill.


Was that just announced?

Yes we’re banned

I don’t know why there isn’t an article yet it’s been like 20 minutes.

CBS got one out

I hope not to much will happen. Could be a big mix up coming. We’re loosing scholarship too.

AD and Coach need to berate these twats in the press conference today. You cooperate with these slimy piece of shiit assholes and get punished more than if you tell them to pound sand. I’d be willing to bet Kansas goes unpunished at this point.

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Oh, he did aplenty. MB absolutely tore them to shreds. Stared everyone down while specifically naming each of them by full name and then called them all cowards. He didn’t hold back.


We get jobbed all the time.


Great start to the season. Memphis gonna regret letting Cisse walk.


Well they replaced him with Jalen Duren so I think they’ll be ok. Feels like a situation that works out for all parties involved.

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https://twitter.com/insidethencaa/status/1458932828729753603?s=21 LOL what a bunch of pussies

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Awful game. What the hell was the final play?? Down 1 and you shoot a 3??

Free . . . Boynton needs to add a few KeitOn Page’s, Danial Bobik’s and Bryant Reeves’ and Phil Forte’s to mix up the style of play, and limit “hair on fire” stretches that turn into turnovers. The win over Texas was very entertaining and fun to watch. The guys slowed down and played with a purpose when Texas made runs on them.