2022 Athlete Jeremy Patton Includes Oklahoma State in Top 10

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Patton plays everywhere.

Alot of offers for a guy from a small school and only 86

Probably a lot of offers to just fill out the roster. We’ll wait and see how much better get gets.

So 22 teams needed to fill out a roster. And they all went to a town of 1200 to find the guy to do it.
I’m in love with the fact ar0 hasnt been on. Why r u. Its one to be on the wrong page but dude ur in the wrong book

What I find interesting about his top ten is that 6 teams are from the Big 12 which suggests he favors playing in that conference. But his college days are too far from now for me to even remember him by the time he enrolls somewhere. But at least it provides some filler on this blog during a time when there is little to follow in college sports.
Speaking of which, anyone else notice the decline in talent on the Cowboy track teams of late?