2022 class what will happen

It seems this class will be small. 14 recruits so far.
Gundy talked about 2 or 3 when he talked about hs and then transfers. Tramel took that as 2 all together.
I hope that’s not the case. That would many 2 left.
This is in away his best class with now 5 4 :star2:, and presley gets reviewed should be another. It’s on on offense.
What will this small class do to the defense. Well we stuck in the transfer trade. Can be fine, just alot of guys. We have done nice getting one or two. Look at ou swapped with Tennessee 2 cb and did I think worse.
The defense will look like the offense in two years. We have how many recruits playing on offense from '19 and '20. Three or four.
Horn out of broken arrow is a tech 4 star cb
There is a nice lb from Katy on usc.
We need to revisit some of r lost recruits.
Desean brown may be a 4 star by signing date, but I think he is going to Oregon now. Find out Sunday.

Oregon has a 5 star freshman enter the portal. He has only play 1 game so could red shirt.
He is out of Utah. We got some utah connection.
Be a Big pick up. Im asking all these tackles can play guard.

Gundy might be shifting his sights to the transfer portal more. It’s one change that I think has actually benefitted the non-bluebloods. He’s made some hay from transfers: Warren, Antwine, Godlevske…

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He talked about that say at the time he 2 or 3 for each hs and transfers. So at the time I figured he meant 18 total. I think one of the walkon defense guys is getting one thus yr.
Will will need rb, lb and cb help for next year. Unless we got younger guys we haven’t seen. Rb only has one that has played. Got 3 freshman coming in, but .

I talked about ty kana at usc he has decommited. He is only 87 but we need good players on defence.
We had offered him before he chose usc.

It doesn’t seem were getting desean brown. Tomorrow is his commitment date and no tweet.
So I guess cowboys are ride this one