2022 Cornerback Avyonne Jones Commits to Oklahoma State

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Jones was in Stillwater for OSU’s Spring Game.

Just can’t get xcited about 3 stars or guys ranked around 100 at their position. The top schools get guys ranked in the top 10.

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95 better cornerbacks out their

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Just another gundy special :sunglasses:

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I know what u mean. But why is 23 schools offering him. 13 power 5 at least one school from each power 5 conf.
Could be a recuirt who needs his numbers upped.
He had a good video. Start for the runner up in 6A Texas football so.
Its a nice pick up.

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Look at his offer sheet. He will be ranked higher when they re rank this class.

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It is what it is. Then we wonder why our defense can’t stop teams with a good QB and good WRs. Our defense can stop other teams efficiently enough not named OU.

Then instead of playing talent over seniority on offense we handicap ourselves on the offensive side of the ball.

Then we still have people left scratching their heads wondering why we can’t ever get a bedlam win when it’s so obvious what the problem actually is.

Its funny. I guess not since u only look at numbers. Last time I check Wisconsin is a good defensive and they offered him. His numbers will go up. To meaning offers to be a bad cb. Back but scratch ur head.

Wisconsin has also lost 8 in a row to Ohio State. During that 8 loss stretch Ohio State has averaged 34 ppg against Wisconsin.

Wow!!! What a great defense!!! Once again you’ve proven my point without doing any research of any kind as always.

We recruit players good enough to stop average to below average teams and then wonder we can’t stop a team with a competent offense.

Perhaps we should ask the Wisconsin fans how they feel about their defense against Ohio State and ask if they are satisfied with 8 losses in a row to Ohio State.

They r a team that u want to be like they compete for the title game alot.
Tosu is better then ou so where r u taking this.

Guys were get have offers from Michigan and state. Not to mention sec team. Ur boy leach is one. Plus tcu ksu and isu. They tend to be good defense’s in the big 12.

That doesn’t necessarily mean those schools plan on having this guy start at any time if he goes to either of those schools.

We have a tendency to take a guy in that ranking by position and put him on the field earlier than any of the teams you mentioned.

This guy would more than likely be a 2nd string guy at Oklahoma State while he would probably be 3rd string or lower anywhere else.

Just because he gets offers to Wisconsin and some other SEC schools doesn’t mean he’s going to make an immediate impact, and he could be more of a “just fill out the roster” player.

It all depends on the need of position and roster lineup at those said schools. Imagine your starter getting hurt and asking a true freshman to cover one of the best WRs in the country? The battle is probably going to be over before it begins.

U just said gundy doesn’t play freshman. In ur own words he is not an impact player. I never said he was i just said he is probably better then a 84.
U look at their numbers like its written in stone.
We got rite now 5 guys that r 4 star, but not composite.
Look at the qb he is top 300 espn but composite of 86.
So u can’t just look at 247. They all have another year for ou and Texas to still them.

R recruiting has been going up. Were half way through this class still at 87. I still think we we will 2 more big recuirts. Also, at least 2 should have their numbers raised.
Thats improvement with still less money then ku spends.