2022 DE Curlee Thomas Includes OSU in Top 8

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Cowboys make the cut for Curlee.

Tech is high on the crystal ball but georgia tech had a crystal ball so how did that work out.
But 38 offers and only 87. Got great size.

Perfect name for a Cowboy. Hope he comes here.

Seems alittle slow getting off the blocks but 38 offers I guess that’s ok.

Its weird he is in the down position. I mean sometimes he isn’t line up above a line men?

How can it be that if OSU signs this DE that they would rise to 8th in the country, but in the article regardingBanks, if we sign him we only rise to 9th, when Banks would be the 2nd highest recruit in OSU history?

Would like him to be top 30 at least but I’m not gonna complain about him being at 31. It’s better than being 91st.

I thought it was top25 u really getting soft in ur old age. Next u will be ok with 100

The other day I told you 25-30. The only fans okay with 100 are fans like you. The same kind of fans that cheer on mediocrity, and a coach that will deliver just that.

Lmao ok. I didn’t think u would go to 30 or in this case 31. Ur so easy to rail.

Says the guy that cries about everything and puts more posts on here than everyone else combined.

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Im just being a nice guy by educating u gurls.
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I know I can’t educate u joe ur an obsessed rain man

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