2022 Starters. Who you got and why?

Just like the way to early rankings, let’s hear your way too early starters for next season. I think Safety is an interesting spot as well as DE. Here’s mine and I am open to debate.


I’m fine with most of it. But we do have 2 juco all Americans coming in.
Webber is a 4 star
The other did start at tech.
We dnt know about the portal are we done losing guys who is coming in

The other thing did I miss something on peel is he declared yet. U did have him down

I made an assumption on Peel. What I can’t decide on is DE though. I don’t have Ford or Oliver as starters but they could just as easily be the 1s and not the 2s. I guess more like 1a or 1b really. Also, the receiver and safety position should be pretty competitive.

I have the same feelings. This is something to talk about. Buy, until fall camping up in the air. It’s terrible to have these troubles

Tyrone Webber will start. Don’t know who will officially start at DE, but all four guys will get lots of snaps. I might say Oliver over Lacy.

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I would move Jason Taylor down to linebacker. Let him bulk up a bit in the off-season and see if he can do it. That gives you the option to move Muhammad in to JBC’s spot and move JBC to safety.


Defense is 3–3-5
Line- lacy antwine ford
Leo- Oliver/ martin
Lb- bishop, Cobb/ transfer
Cb- jbc, Muhammad/ black
S- Taylor, Rucker, Daniels

And safety would change if peel stays, and if lacy declares sub in Collin clay


Qb sanders

Rb Richardson and possible transfer

Cw Blaine green

WR Presley, Shettron, Bray/ Bryson Green

Line- Birmingham, Etienne, williams, Woodard, Webber

This is a fast paced attack with the ability to have Blaine green inside, in the backfield, or spread out in the slot for miss matches

Clay is a tackle .
If we go to a 3 man front it would leave a ton of guys with out a home. We have a ton of tackles

Maybe you should look back at the footage of our base defense with it mostly being 3 down linemen, withe the Leo standing up especially on third down. And also clay played in that spot of three down linemen for Arkansas just like lacy does for us

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And with a 3 down front it is more like tackle, nose tackle and d end

We haven’t seen caly in 2 years.
The short passes made us go to the 3 man front.
I still like the 4 man front.
Tanner was short and slow. If Daniel’s is ready he could handle the tight ends.

Our 4 man front actually work opposite of most d lines. Have so many they wore out the o lines.
It also helped on the long pass game.

We can agree to disagree, no big deal. I was just pointing out the “4 man” you speak of was essentially 3 tackles and a stand up end. Lacy was recruited as a tackle and is 300lbs. With new coach comes changes. The set up I placed was more of wishful thinking so you could have ford and Oliver on both sides as pass rushers.

He’s potentially our only safety with experience and he’s got a nose for turnovers. I don’t think I want to move him.

Is this to copy Baylor.
As far as I know we really dnt have a true nose guard
And nothing like Baylor had.
I dnt think Martin is fast enough to play Leo.
We have like 12 front guys that lead the nation in sacks.
U want to limit some of are best defenders. And put people out of there natural spots.

No it is not to copy Baylor, go to you tube and look up 2021 defense. You will see what I’m talking about between the tackles and ends. They use three tackles, they use a down Leo for a 4th, they use a stand up Leo for 3–3-5. Again I’m “labeling lacy a tackle” due to his size. And Martin played Leo this year.

Ur still asking the linebackers to do alot of reads. Last I checked thats are weakest group.
Ur taking Oliver who lead the team in sack to move into a new spot.
It’s fine

3-down gives you a chance to give your guys more rest at d-tackle. And maybe at d-end too.

True if u only have 9 how many front guys we got.
And 4 fresh guys hitting the offensive line will wear them down faster then 3.
Why has our defense done better late.

with all of the recent news it’s looking like

CB Jarrick Bernard-Converse
CB Korie Black
S Thomas Harper
S Jason Taylor
S Sean Michael Flanagan
LB Mason Cobb
LB Xavier Benson
DE Tyler Lacy
DE Brock Martin
DT Brendon Evers
DT Samuela Tuihalamaka

Nick Martin, DeKelvion Beamon
Guys heavy in rotation: DE Collin Oliver, DE Trace Ford, DT Collin Clay, DT Xavier Ross, DT Aden Kelley, LB Lamont Bishop, LB Kam Farrar, CB Jabbar Muhammad, CB Demarco Jones, S Trey Rucker, S Kendal Daniels, S Nick Session

Guys who will probably get some time here and there:
CB DeKelvion Beamon, LB Nick Martin LB Nadrian Dizadare, DE Israel Isuman-Hundley, DE Kody Walterscheid, DE Nathan Latu, DE Desean Brown, CB Jordan Reagan, S Lyrik Rawls, S Ty Williams, DT Jaleel Johnson


QB Spencer Sanders
HB Dominic Richardson AND Ollie Gordon
TE Braden Cassity
WR Brennan Presley
WR Blaine Green
WR Talyn Shettron
OT Caleb Etienne
OT Preston Wilson
OG Hunter Woodard
OG Cole Birmingham move from tackle
OC Joe Michalski

Heavy rotation
HB Jayden Nixon, OT Caleb Etienne, OT Taylor Miterko, OL Eli Russ, TE Austin Jarrard, WR John Paul Richardson, WR Bryson Green, WR Jaden Bray, WR Braylin Presley,

will play probably but not consistently:
RB CJ Brown, RB Zach Middleton, WR Langston Anderson, WR Braydon Johnson

The WR room is crazy crowded, it will be interesting to see how we utilize them, i think LA will end up transfering even tho he is talented but has had his career derailed by injuries

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