2022 TE Recruit Jason Llewellyn Cuts List, Includes OSU

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Jason Llewellyn is a big-time TE talent in 2022.

Let’s get to a smaller list .

If we are going to show him we are serious about involving our Tight Ends in the passing game then Gundy better get serious about passing the ball across the middle once again and start including the tight end in the passing game a lot this upcoming season.

Joe u want me to read to stuff. But u never read or retain my stuff. What have I told u why we don’t throw over the middle. And dont come back with Gundy dnt want to hurt players crap.

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Tough competition on this kid.

Yes I’ve noticed CNN. Even if the middle of the field is wide open to exploit we still don’t attack it. So why would the kid be interested in coming to a school that doesn’t pass it to the TE or exploit the middle of the field? I know we were included in some of his finals schools, but in that aspect of recruiting the kid we can’t exactly pitch that to him. Considering we just lost a veteran TE to Virginia.

I’ll call it right now… not a chance in double hockey sticks. If we are going to go after a top recruit and put a lot of effort into it then need put that effort into another position so we can see some fruit from it. We can get walk one for what we use them for

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And…it’s over