2022 Wide Receiver Keshlon Jackson Includes OSU in Top 3

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Could OSU snag another prospect from Louisiana?

Yes!! A 3 star!

I know thats great. For a 3 star as a sophomore having at least 5 power 5 offers. Stars get confusing. Like the twins we got coming in. The higher ranked twin had more yards there last yr. But over all there numbers r the same. And if u watch their tapes I like the lower one a lot. But yes let’s get down that were looking at a 3 star.

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this has all the makings of a dude who will rocket up the recruiting rankings, just wait. 247 composite is only ~.85, but 247’s rating is 87. 87 for a dude this far out from graduating? I’d be shocked if 247 doesn’t have him at least at a 90 when it’s all said and done. and I trust 247’s ratings far more than ESPN, and a bit more than rivals

reppin the boot, love it!